trophy hunters

I've read the second largest number of "trophy hunters", i.e. people who kill elephants for fun nd recreation, is from Germany. Who the flying fuck are these people and how do they go on about this? Why don't we find them and stop them? I really do not get it. Making a fuss about drug trafficking and giving trophy hunters are pass. I do hope Kenya fro example enforces the death penalty for such people, would LOVE to see them hang. That is exactly what is needed as these "hunters" are extreme cowards, they will stop once they see they get executed if caught.

What about the ones who go and shoot elephants bred to be hunted which generate large sums for the local communities who would otherwise rely on subsistence farming and herding?

Germany is full of hunters and a friend of mine is constantly off in Bavaria and other parts of Germany stalking boar and the like.  No surprise that some of them head off to kill other things once they've bagged all the big species of Europe.

if I was in charge, I would create an extra intelligence agency that does nothing else but environmental matters, including protecting elephants. then let them go and purport to want to hunt and join such elephant hunting groups and when they are at it, fucking shoot everybody on the spot including the local guide

also, I would approach ivory traders and purport to want to purchase ivory, once they show themselves, likewise, fucking kill them

2-3 years of this and poaching will go down 50% minimum

The answer, of course, is to arm the animals.



I think that the ultimate challenge for them should be to hunt each other.


Put em all on a fucking island until only one of them is left, Hunger Games Stylee

"What about the ones who go and shoot elephants bred to be hunted which generate large sums for the local communities who would otherwise rely on subsistence farming and herding?"


I do not know about this, do you ahve a link? and frankly, it sound shyte. Killing elephants is wrongity wrong per se and in my rulebook should entail the death penalty. there are definelty not enough elephants on this planet, but too many humans. I'm not saying an elephant is worth more than a human but deffo worth more than a poacher

these hunters are so so inadequate and unnecessary

feeling "in control" when you pull the trigger, wiping out beautiful life, a magnificent animal

people who get a kick out of destroying and killing instead of getting a kick out of creating and maintaining are precisely what this planet does not need

it pisses me off so much - what can I do? donate? to whom? going there on a holiday? where to? doing what?

various organisations haave images of trophy hunters. why can they not get the adresses and publish them?

Don't know but I think I might off a few fluffy bunnies at Easter.

DD are you vegetarian?

everybody is watching videos of elephants on Facebook and goes "awwww that calf, how cute!"

and what do we do for them elephants?


no vegetarian but meat only from the bio market and no excessive meat consumption

So it's ok for people to kill animals you find tasty if you only eat them every now and then?


as opposed to killing endangered animals you cannot even eat for fun, just to feel powerful for a moment

Sails, do you not get the difference between killing something for food and killing something that won't be eaten for fun?

I believe some people do eat bits of them.

Yes Supes but also take the view that if you really strongly about killing things then there is an argument you shouldn't support the killing of anything for any reason.  I don't agree with shooting endangered species unless they are within a reserve where they are bred for sport or killing is being used for genuine herd management.

have you ever thought about how fucking embarrassing it is for mankind if we wie out the african elephant?

kids would ask: hey these elephants, why are they all dead?

ah well, son, we killed them all because of the ivory. we like ivory

ok dad, and what can you do with ivory?

well son, you can look at it

breeding elephants in order to shoot them is extremely fucked up and comes under the heading "people this planet does not need at all"

See, i don't think you do understand the difference, as judged by that last post.

Not sure how I’m being a bitch for pointing out your hypocrisy, but hey ho.

Not going to get in a fight with you, I agree with your general point.

I understand that if I was starving I'd kill anything that wasn't poisonous to eat it.

you are not starving and neither are these "trophy hunters", i.e. destructive useless psychos

The people who want to go and shoot a lion or an elephant should be executed. 

There is something so deeply wrong with them as humans we should remove them from the gene pool. 

Sails, if not on a wind up, can be first in line. 

sails has not shot an elephant and does not intend to so no need to pop him

other than that we are in agreement for the first time

No desire to shoot anything like elephants but might take a pot shot at a crow or bunny or two over the weekend.

sails may I ask why it is fun to shoot a crow or a bunny? do you eat that bunny at least? cos the crow you don't eat. what is the point in doing this?

It's not particularly a pleasure thing.  Crows I just dislike for various reasons and rabbits do terrible crop damage and it's more a sense of satisfaction from having sufficient skill and reflexes to hit a moving target without time to line up a shot.  To be honest I miss most of the time.

If you are not a decent shot that is even more reason for you not go shooting at living things you horrific psycho. 

I would love to see a gorilla.  But I fear they're being butchered.


On the plus side, I could always pick up a new novelty ashtray.

They have one at chessington Baddo.  looks a bit like montie.

What has the gorilla done to merit that sort of abuse?

Hey, blame your so called god for the gorilla's warty overweight countenance not me

I object to that.



"So-called" should be hyphenated.

I must protest! Surely the gorilla doesn't have a 500 yard drive against the wind.

while I find the idea of shooting a lion, leopard, elephant, giraffe distasteful and wouldn’t choose to do it myself, you cannot escape from the cold hard commercial reality of trophy hunting

these trophy hunters are paying enormous sums of money for a serious animal (and even a few hundred dollars for say a gazelle) and that money is saving habitats, maintaining animal populations, combating poaching and quite possibly saving some animals from extinction

so if someone wants to pay $50k to kill a pride male, then while I’d probably think they are personally overpaying for the enjoyment, I am convinced that at the moment the value from that fee is overall beneficial to African wildlife

germans love hunting and shooting, so not sure why it’s a surprise

SummerSails17 Apr 19 14:08

It's not particularly a pleasure thing.  Crows I just dislike for various reasons


So you shot animals for non-utilitarian reasons because you have a grudge against them?  Actually, maybe there's some sense in that.  I dislike Brexiteers for various reasons.

A grudge based on what they do to other birds and animals.

I don’t know what crows do that’s so bad, but I am pretty confident people do worse. Going to start shooting them too?

Indeed. I can't imagine anything a crown can do, including pecking the eyes out of a newborn lamb, is comparable with say, what JRM does by just existing.

in my old house we had bifold doors.  a giant crow came up and just pecked at the glass.  fucking terrifying.  he was totally trying to quoth at me.

It's very tempting Stix and can think of a few on here who'd be first.