Transaction levels

We have noticed a massive drop off in levels of work....


I am putting this down to the election but if not, it is going to be a bloodbath if it carries on like this.

My shop has been busier than most YTD by the sounds of things, but even we're beginning to see a tapering off (alongside a lot of CVs from firms who got quieter, faster).

As you say, fingers crossed it's election uncertainty rather than a real turn in the market - economic conditions generally seem pretty buoyant otherwise.

Not that weird if it's not actually temporary.

We really need to build up the bits of the economy that aren't reliant on the empty whims of rich bastards but I suspect we won't

No Rham what we should do is Massively prioritise doing admin so that other people do admin and then others do admin and then someone somehow makes money.

This is the economy of the UK somehow in the 21st century.

Give Laz money to do fook all

The opposite here 

Everything gone crazy 

Few things now progressing quite as quicky as they might but that's a blessed relief

Trying to recruit 4 new people (1 already sorted) to deal with it all 

Same, not just quiet but absolutely dead and that's across several groups too. I've been running around like a blue arsed fly trying to drum up work for associates. 

Suspect long term higher interest rates feeding through stagnating the economy. 

Now into week 4 of one deal that is meant to complete this week (it won’t happen), late nights, weekends, and no it’s not a flex - it’s rubbish capitalism. Other smaller transactions are running too, far from quiet (unfortunately).

When the tide goes out you will see who has wearing a bathing suit 

Or in law firms - whose partners were building work during the busy periods and not just focusing on delivery 

If you don't look after your clients, me or someone else will 

Could be Pinkus's point. Companies that locked in 3 year facilities Q4 2021 at close to 0% cost of funds now looking at 5% to refinance them. Also it seems pretty clear to me outside of the London bubble that all isn't rosy for UK based businesses. Every month brings another excuse from the British Retail Consortium for why their member's figures are bad.  Import costs for goods going up with EU checks. Continued skill shortage due to govt failure to spend on education and training, plus continued Brexit related diversion of FDI to the EU.  

If you have a strong restructuring practice or are advising PE sharking for cut price businesses then maybe it's fine, but this is the state of this country: 

Quite funny the posh public school kids don't have work 

And the upstart little working class lad is batting it away

They didn't teach you to stay hungry in public school?! 

Guess not

When you've actually been hungry, in relative poverty, it never leaves you 

Raise your kids better 

I forget that you lot are basically estate agents - i.e utterly useless and not to be trusted

I particularly despise people like 'Bertha' though.

Utterly disgusting waste of space. Thinks he's clever having done nothing.

Reminds me of chambo

Davis is ‘team leader’ (they take turns) in a slips ‘n’ trips call centre 

“Hello Mr Smith I believe you slipped on a soggy piece of bread and butter pudding in the canteen last week. Well, me and *winks my team  might just be able to get you the compensation you deserve. Now, I’m sure you’re experiencing headaches, right?” 

(without waiting for response ticks ‘headaches’ box on pre-printed form)


The jealousy of public school kids (with all the advantages and privilege they have wasted) towards a povvo done good is quite fantastic 

Fuel to my fire

Another busy day ahead 

The last time I went was in roughly 2009 and I don't remember a landing fee to the NT, but could be misremembering... What have they done?  We are landing on Inner Farne, so I hope we can get close to the puffins.  

You must work for a shit firm, We are absolutely swamped with work and with quoting for more. Some of these people don’t know there’s sport on and it’s nice outside.

Still, pleased to note they’re coming to us, not you.

"You don't have clients across practice areas?!!???

Have you not built a good business??????



fook does this mean. No idea. Yeah my clients often need work done by teams other than litigation.

Not sure what that has to do with current transaction levels. And it still doesn't explain why a litigator would be banging on about how busy they are in a thread about current transaction levels. 

Unless you are one of those partners who instead of handing over work to people in teams qualified to do it, insists on supervising it yourself.

I've had to deal with toxic partners like that in previous firms - refuse to internally refer work because they don't have enough work to do which is actually in their specialism. If they didn't get sued for negligence they were always booted in the end. Not before causing endless problems though.  

So let me get this right 

Spurious has won a number of clients but also has no idea what they are up to 


No wonder my firm is busy and yours isn't 

Stay in touch with your clients. Always be chasing new clients