Touched by a pigeon

Happily walking down the road this morning when suddenly there's a startled pigeon flying at my face and thanks to its attempt to turn and my ducking it just brushed the top of my head on its way past.  Will I now get plague?

I had a friend who stayed up all night taking ecstasy.  He was sat on a park bench around 7am and decided to cradle a passing swan.  It let him for about 5 seconds then tried to peck his face off.  One of the funniest things I've ever seen.  Anyway, on with some drafting....

I feared that would be the case.  Better chuck myself out of the office window now.

Clubman Pere was walking across the school grounds towards the headmaster's study to be admonished for smashing a window (headmaster having been looking out of his window at the critical moment and instantly summoning him for summary punishment). Anyway , at this low moment a pigeon flew overhead and crapped all over him so that when he arrived at headmasters study he looked rather bedraggled, dirty and forlorn. 


instead of punishment the headmaster simply laughed and laughed and laughed.


he didn't get the plague either.


so maybe you're okay.

we went glamping at leeds castle over easter (highly recommend esp for those with nippers over toddling but pre teen).  my youngest loves getting those bags of seeds so you can feed the fowl.  this was fine with the ducks, but then this fookin hyawge big daddy swan showed up. as big as her.   it "bit" right on the arse.  i ran in and stood her on top of a picnic table so she could continue like a jesus of ducks to feed the swarming hoardes.  big daddy swan came in, climbed up behind her and "bit" her on the bum again.  we decided to jettison the remaining seeds and run away.  all of this was captured on video and was fooking hilarious.

I was walking by a stream earlier this year when my wife was intimidated (not me obvs) by squawking canada geese. they are aggressive gits


I think you're safe from plague with pigeons, Sails.

Pigeons are generally absolutely riddled with dust mites though.

Dust mites which are known to carry all sorts of nasties, from ebola up to really nasty, serious stuff.

Best get yourself checked out.