Tory party making moves to ensure boris is protected for at least a year

Before any vote of no confidence. Really, any one know how that works?

They haven't told me about the plan so assume they have come up with some way that doesn't involve mere party members.

Are they referring to the Conservative PLP VCN rather than a parliamentary VCN?  I’d assume so, don’t think anything can change parliamentary rules of that magnitude.

Is SummerSails admitting to being a member of the Conservative Party? LOL! You absolute wally!

To be fair your lot overwhelmingly elected Karl Marx’s garden gnome so you aren’t really in a terribly good position to cast stones.

It is well known that Saillaw is a card carrying member.

I believe its to stop a leadership challenge as Teclis says rather than a no confidence vote for the House. Proposal that there is an amnesty for a year after appointment rather than after previous votes of no confidence under current rules.

I know the 1922 committee must be made up of the most militant of Brexiteers but their changing the rules for their own benefit is really quite pathetic. It wasn't long ago that they wanted to change them so that they could bring another vote against May earlier than they were allowed to.

I really don't care about Tory leadership challenges. They are all complete nutters and in a way it is good for the rest of us if the nuttiest of the lot is chosen as leader so we can kick them out of government (and hopefully into political history) sooner rather than later.