Tory leadership candidates interviews over the last few days

Ester McVey on Victoria Darbishire show, she is getting mullered. She is joking about becoming PM right? completely and clearly out of her depth. She would " assemble the best team of MPs, Lawyers, and business leaders " when asked how she would reopen the negotiations on the WA


Sajid on Marr ditto, he ended up sweating and shaking profusely

Jeremy Hunt on Peston, did a bit better, but was devoid on detail as to how he would renegotiate the WA 

Andrea Leadsom on Marr was horrendous and got slaughtered, and again no detail about Brexit other than " she has lead very big and complex negotiations when in banking" FFS! Is this the best available, they were all cringeworthy

They have  tricky balancing act - they have to sound vaguely sane enough get through to the final two while keeping their options open to go full on bonkers if they get to the final two to win the vote of the mad tory backwoodsmen.

Poor Ester getting roasted on PIP and univsrsal credit, its embarrasing

They're all out of their depth.

Esther's ok. I think she's the only genuine Brexiteer.

Raab may be a good compromise candidate but would be hopefully out of his depth against Nigel.

BoJo is either a closet Remainer or completely unprincipled. Either way, unlikely to win over the voter. 

The rest are absolutely Remaniacs, and it's laughable they're even standing.

They're all part of the problem and none of them will do better than May.

A complete overhaul of Parliament is required, including ditching FPTP. That includes getting rid of this bunch of fvcking muppets on all sides of the House.

3 ducks but beyond the Brexit piece when they are asked about their own departments problems and issues they are being hammered, it is awful to watch. Don't forget Ester misled the house and had to apologise to the house.

She is writhing about like you wouldn't believe just empty meaningless words

The problem is not the leadership it is parliamentary arithmetic - there is no majority for a realistic deal and no majority for no deal, there either has to be a referendum or the Tories have to commit harri karri by calling an election . There will be another referendum, we should just get on with it rather than going through the same hopeless nonsense we did with May.

McVey said this morning we will and must leave by 31st no matter what, and absent a deal. It is fanciful that any of these jokers think they can renegotiate the WA. None of them have said how.

Being in business, or negotiating complex deals as a "banker" is not a blue print to renegotiate the WA.I fear as you say it will be a re run of the May debacle, unless who ever it is has the balls just to leave on 31st. Many say they will, but I doubt they will carry it out.


Sajid is still banging on about digitising the border, and it DEFINITELY can be done. If so why hasn't it been done.

"beyond the Brexit piece "

Irrelevant. This is literally the only thing that matters at the moment. Once it's out of the way, we can focus on climate change and defence of the realm (and skoolz'n'ospitalz if you insist).

It's all 'bluster and fvck it' for the usual brigade. They just want to get into No. 10 and don't give a damn about the country. Doesn't matter which one of them gets in - they'll just prevaricate and fudge like May did. Eton FTW. It's a complete joke.

I sincerely do hope Gove doesn't get it though, as he is an utterly repugnant khunt that shouldn't be let anywhere near any real power.

BC, I think you are about right. Big LOL, if they have a really short premiership of a few months.

James Cleverly on Peston, is big pitch was that he wasn't a career politician, " having been in the Army and worked in Media"


Sam Gymiah, what does he stand for he has yet to say FFS. Deluded or what are these people, they have no chance surely

"Sam Gymiah, what does he stand for"

A second referendum appaz! You couldn't make it up !

Rory Stewart was on LBC this morning on a phone in. Eloquent, but an overall weak and unconvincing performance imo. I got the feeling that he was trying to say what he thought would gain favour with the large majority while not really believing those views. Oh wait, I've just described every Tory PM candidate.

why anyone who did not think it was their last shot is running now is beyond me - absolute shyteshow - any PM is likely to be ruined by it.