Tory Leadership battle

Is now beyond surreal - seemingly a competition to prove who can fuck the country up the most completely - "business sacrfices" will apparently be "worth it".  Multi billion bail out to farmers as their industry is screwed (apparently justified on the basis of that it is similar to the bail out that went to the bankers in 2008:HINT - 2008 was a disaster nobody planned - WE DID NOT DO IT ON PURPOSE.

The Tory party must die after this fiasco. Extremist nutjobs motivated nothing more than desire for power and little England xenophobia.   No longer the party of business, no longer the party of anyone with an IQ of over 90, no longer the party of anyone not sitting pretty on a comfortable pension with nothing better to do than screw the younger generations.

The Tories should be the party of the Nation.

The Whigs (and latterly Thatcherites) were the party of "business" and capitalism.

I am not sure what relevance 18th and early 19th century politics has here dux...

The Tories should be the party of the Nation.

Based on what, exactly?

Based on the principles which have traditionally been the essence of that party. I admit that they haven't been so hot on it for the last 50 years or so.

the Tories are the party of the monarchy, slapping a veneer of capitalism on them doesn't do anything to change that, since they are not overly capitalist to any degree other than protecting lazy monopolistic landowners and letting them milk the productive "capitalist" parts of the economy dry

Pretty much what Sumo said. At least that's what I'd like them to be.

So how does that fit with being the "party of the Nation"?

It's anything but.

and @ OP, you're misunderstanding "plant tory" (because there surely is a "planet labour") I saw a good explanation on the Stumbling and Mumbling blog; 

 when Sarah Vine tweeted:

Watching the #RestaurantMakesMistakes and astonished to learn that people with dementia struggle to get benefits. Is this true? And if so, how is this not a national scandal?

What she’s expressing here is the cognitive dissonance that her own party’s policies actually have nasty effects upon real people. Her consternation arises from the fact that, for many Tories, this is not supposed to happen. Many of them, I suspect, are not actually bad but rather guilty of a recklessness that comes from a particular conception of politics – a conception which sees it as a game of positioning, and of pandering to the imagined world of the Daily Mail. Politics is a post-modern activity in which words and appearances are everything and consequences and reality are nothing.

So for example:

 - Benefit sanctions are supposed to crack down on cheats and malingerers, not real, deserving people. It is only when these appear on TV that the illusion – and it has been just that for years – is broken.

 - The “hostile environment” policy was meant to remove illegal immigrants rather than members of the Windrush generation who are, remember, 100% British.

 - Austerity was intended to establish prudent control of the nation’s finances. The fact that it has killed thousands is at best, a mere statistic, and at worst just another controversial claim.

 - Brexit is about prioritizing a conception of national sovereignty over GDP. And GDP is a mere statistic, not the jobs and livelihoods of real people. What was so transgressive about Jeremy Hunt’s promise this week to shut down Titan Steel Wheels was that he broke this illusion, and linked what is supposed to be a mere abstraction to the lives of real people.

yeah yeah Sumo, I here what you are saying but notwithstanding I still have zero sympathy for a no deal brexit supporting member of the Tory party - they are either too stupid too xenophobic or too selfish to have opinions anyone should listen to never mind be in a position to determine the immediate fate of the country at a time of greatest crisis since WW2 (a crisis they largely created in the first place I should add)

Hate to toss a comment in from outside your echo chamber but none of you have a clue what you're talking about 

Johnson v Hunt is probably a fair reflection of opinions within the Conservative & Unionist Party both sides appealing to be true heirs to Thatcher 

Thatcher would turn in her grave at the idea of screwing business over by leaving the EU without a deal - she was the single markets biggest champion- whatever else they have to say on any other topic is irrelevant at the moment.  They are both prepared to trash the economy so satisfy some nonsensical ideology born of nothing more than nostalgia.

Khunt talking through his "ten point plan" reminds me of this cartoon

Thatcher would be quite comfortable with the positions being taken by either of these candidates at this point of proceedings thank you very much

Obv if you're a supporter of another political party such as labour then you'd see things differently 

the tory leadership election is dire and I can hardly bear to read about it

both cunt and bj are making promises they know they cannot keep

and as for hancock's performance on today this morning

utterly disgraceful

because of her background she put the interests of small business above everything - she would not have knowingly pursued a policy that would significantly harm them - especially to gain so little (actually nothing - nobody pretends their are any upsides anymore).   Thank you very much.

You haven't got a clue, thanks

no upsides is classic Labour remoanerism 

Hate to toss a comment in from outside your echo chamber but none of you have a clue what you're talking about 

I think most of the points being made here are about how they are utterly unfit to govern.

Johnson v Hunt is probably a fair reflection of opinions within the Conservative & Unionist Party both sides appealing to be true heirs to Thatcher 

When are they going to change the party's name, given that they are now neither conservative nor unionist?

I don't really care about opinions within the party other than to note that they are pretty toxic, held mostly by people who will be dead or senile within the next 20 years, and the sooner this party is consigned to the political dustbin, the better. The only silver lining of Brexit it is that it has probably hastened their demise by a full generation.

“Just think for a moment what a prospect that is. A single market without barriers—visible or invisible—giving you direct and unhindered access to the purchasing power of over 300 million of the world's wealthiest and most prosperous people.
Bigger than Japan. Bigger than the United States. On your doorstep. And with the Channel Tunnel to give you direct access to it.
It's not a dream. It's not a vision. It's not some bureaucrat's plan. It's for real. And it's only five years away. “ 

Margaret Thatcher, April 1988


and as for hancock's performance on today this morning

Hancock has proved himself over the last year an utter weasel and will say anything to curry favour with those he perceives may advance him.  He is has no principles and is void of everything but ambition.

Struggling to see how that makes Hancock any different from most of the rest of the Cabinet tbh.



The likes of Johnny Mercer debasing themselves day after day has been quite unsightly.

You need to listen to his interview on the today programme this morning LP, now backing Boris, the front runner, to the hilt for the very things he criticised as untenable when he was running against him.   He cares about nothing but Matt Hancock.  Luckily he is so talentless and charmless there is a limit to how far he can get however much toadying he does.

Sounds just like Boris only with less wacky hair. Or Liz Truss without the fluorescent pink suits.

Hunt to decide on 30th September as to whether to take the UK out , dear lord talking about creating even more uncertainty, and cancel all leave for Civil servants in the month of August. That is going to work!