Tory Conference - Day of Chaos 2

helpfully mapped out by Politico 

DAY OF CHAOS: For those who weren’t watching the party conference descend into chaos in real-time yesterday, Playbook’s Andrew McDonald has pulled together a handy timeline chronicling the hour-by-hour disintegration of party unity. 

7 a.m. 

— Former deputy PM Damian Green tells Today that Truss is “probably not” going to get any plans through parliament that don’t include a benefits lift in line with inflation.

8 a.m.

Penny Mordaunt, Truss’ leader of the Commons, breaks ranks to suggest on Times Radio that benefits should keep pace with inflation.

— Treasury committee Chairman Mel Stride says the government “is going to have to think again” about benefits on Sky News.

10 a.m.

 — Liz Truss doesn’t confirm whether she trusts her own chancellor when asked three times by Sky’s Sam Coates.

— Trade Minister Conor Burns declares at a fringe event that Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch “is the future of our party” and that she gets the need to “move beyond Instagram posts about free trade agreements.” 

11 a.m. 

— Tory grandee and Truss supporter Iain Duncan Smith tells a ConservativeHome fringe event that it “doesn’t make any sense” not to bring welfare in line with inflation.

1 p.m. 

— Home Secretary Suella Braverman tells the Tel’s Christopher Hope she is “disappointed” by the 45p tax U-turn and accuses her fellow MPs of having “staged a coup and undermined the PM in an unprofessional way.” Braverman also sets out her stall on benefits, telling Hope that she wants to cut welfare spending.

Liz Truss confirms to talkTV’s Kate McCann that she does trust her chancellor after all.

Conor Burns uses another fringe event to insist that Truss has his “100 percent full-throttled support.”

— Leveling Up Secretary Simon Clarke backs Braverman on benefits and coups.

— Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng tells GB News his medium-term fiscal plan will be published on November 23 and will not be brought forward, contrary to Monday night’s Treasury briefing.

— Welsh Secretary Robert Buckland tells Newsnight’s Nick Watt he believes in the welfare safety net and that he’d like to see benefits rise in line with inflation.

2 p.m.

— Influential peer David Frost places himself on team Mordaunt on the benefits rise.

— Former Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries weighs in to claim that Truss has no mandate to “start from scratch” on all government policy.

— Former Transport Secretary Grant Shapps helpfully suggests on the News Agents podcast that Truss has 10 days to reverse some of the problems of the last 10 days.

— International Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch tells a ConservativeHome fringe event that the Tory conference has been marred by critics “trying to lob grenades” at the PM, and that she has been “shouting at [Michael Gove] a lot since Sunday morning.”

Badenoch follows that up by criticizing her Cabinet colleague Braverman for her suggestion that Truss’ internal critics have staged a coup: “I don’t think we should be talking about coups. I think that sort of language is too inflammatory.”

5 p.m.

— Education committee Chairman Robert Halfon joins the Mordaunt camp on the benefits rise and tells the BBC PM program that “things have been grim, grim at conference, and grim over the past week.”

7 p.m.

 — The BBC reports that Kwasi Kwarteng’s fiscal plan really will be published early …

Braverman contradicts government policy by telling a Spectator fringe that her “position, personally, is that ultimately we do need to leave the European Convention on Human Rights.”

9 p.m.

Braverman is ticked off by a senior government source who tells PA’s David Hughes: “If she wishes to make those views known within government she should do so in a more appropriate setting.”

Crikey - that's bad.  I read somewhere that the Tory party is now four factions (e.g. Boris camp, Rishi camp, ERG and one other) - I can't recall what they all are now, however Boris (for all his faults) managed to keep them together as he was until towards the end viewed as a vote winner.  Inevitably post Boris, it's all descended into a s..t show.  Whilst Rishi would have been infinitely more competent then LT he would have faced the same infighting.  The only hope for the Tories now is a colossal GE defeat and starting again from scratch.  

What's interesting is that a number of ministers have decided they have a licence to go off reservation on policy, I guess knowing either that Truss is dead in the water so it doesn't matter or that she has no other backbenchers to call on so she is stuck with them whatever they do. Not a good look.


Westminster Voting Intention (Red Wall):

LAB: 61% (+12)

CON: 23% (-11)

LDM: 7% (+2)

GRN: 4% (=)

REF: 3% (-4)

Via @RedfieldWilton, On 3-4 October, Changes w/ 19-20 September.

They’re still in office though. Suggestions for getting them out else it’s just misery porn.




The Canned Regressive05 Oct 22 09:35

They’re still in office though. Suggestions for getting them out


keep letting them fcuk up more?



Even Joe Gormley would be staggered by the rich vein of gorm which she has available to mine. 
And they will all clap like seals.  

Having pretty much ejected the pragmatic moderate wing of the party the right of the party is now clearly irrevocably splitting between the remaining dumb and dumber wings.

the new Enemy of Growth is 'people who take taxis from north London townhouses to BBC studios' to defend the status quo, apparently

townhouses, ffs