Tories have to fight a by-election in Brecon and Radnorshire

after conviction of sitting Tory MP for fabricating invoices 

Mr Davies has been MP for Brecon and Radnorshire since the 2015 general election, where he beat incumbent Liberal Democrat Roger Williams with the constituency's largest majority since 1983.

In 2017 Chris Davies's majority was 8,038.

The constituency is within the county of Powys, where the Brexit party came top in May's European Parliament elections.

a mighty victory for bozza to give us the momentum before delivering Brexit and an enormous majority in the next election, before he then stands down and rory stewart is anointed leader.



Tories are putting forward Davies as their candidate again (why?)

Greens and Plaid Cymru have pulled out to give remain a unity candidate in the form of the Lib Dem's Jane Dodds

Brexit have a a retired police chief superintendent as their candidate called Des Parkinson

remarkable to put up a convicted criminal who's had the petition triggering the vote


Farage's man is ex UKIP

he was suspended and then resigned from being senior licensing officer at Telford and Wrekin Council 

"Tories are putting forward Davies as their candidate again (why?)"

Totally cynical move from them. They know they'll lose. This way they lose because their man is a villain, not because of their policies.

Hang on they’re actually putting the same crook who just got sacked back up for the same seat?!?

Wonder if the Brexit parties will club together as well, with the Tories and Labour stepping aside for the BNP?

Labour is a Remain party.

The Conservatives are Brexit in name only.

I don't think the BNP exists any more, does it?

The Conservatives are Brexit in name only.

Jesus dux, are you ever right about anything?

This would be the Conservative Party that fought the last election on a manifesto of going through with Brexit and is currently in the middle of a leadership election campaign between two candidates who have both publicly and repeatedly committed to Brexit.

brexit in name only is the most fuck witted phrase ever

if we leave at all, we give up all our voting rights 

that's a pretty massive change

The Labour Party was "committed to honouring the result" too. Meaningless twaddle. 

Of the two Tory candidates, one openly voted Remain and the other (allegedly) voted to Leave...but having just written an article (albeit unpublished) telling us why we must stay. 

So what you are saying if I have you correctly is that anything other than an immediate no deal crash out is not being sufficiently committed?

I think the very least we could expect from a purported Brexiteer is that the fellow actually voted Leave and did so with a degree of enthusiasm.

So someone who voted the other way but has since publicly and repeatedly said that he will accept the result and work towards putting it through, including crashing out at the end of October is still ideologically impure so far as you are concerned?

Ah, so they are both just pretending in order to thwart the desires of honest englishmen such as yourself?  

Clever.  Thank god you saw through them.

Dux, what Hunt and Johnson have in common is the fact that neither believe in Brexit or remain; they only believe in power for power's sake. 

"a mighty victory for bozza to give us the momentum before delivering Brexit and an enormous majority in the next election, before he then stands down and rory stewart is anointed leader."

An interesting way of spelling "absolute whitewash for the Lib Dems and the end of the functioning majority"

Davies is not a "crook" tbf, he committed document fraud but not for gain. He was entitled to the money he claimed, he just claimed it in a doctored way because he was dim. I feel pity for him tbh. I do not think his reselection will materially decrease the Tory vote; they will lose because they're sh1t.

Lady P, that can't be right. Strutter says they're as honest as the day is long.

Boris has been probrexit since he was a telegraph journo covering Europe.  He unashamedly made up stories to get headlines and he has always hated Europe. 

However that is very much secondary for him, as LadyP says, he is in it for the perceived power it will bring.  More than that, it sets you up for life, pretty much guarantees you a knighthood later and gets your portrait on the wall in Downing Street.  That’s what Boris cares deeply about.

that might well be what happens 

The seat was Lib Dem from 1997 to 2015. 100% going back there Brexit or no Brexit.