Tonight's QT panel

4 Remainers, 1 Brexiteer

Classic Beeb! Lollers.

What charming little men you are. 

Care to explain the apparent imbalance on the panel?

i will: it’s yet another example of the ridiculous bias at the beeb

they know full well that putting brexters on tv highlights the massive inconsistencies and flaws in the brexter ideology

so once again they protect brexters by not putting any of them to the test

the pro-tory gov, pro-brexit attitude of the beeb is getting silly now, given how at odds it is with public opinion

Dux I remember you before this Brexit debacle.  You were quite an eccentric but fun little chap.  But then someone went and gave you a cause and you embraced it and have, I’m sorry to say, turned into a really strange frothing, xenophobic lunatic.

I know that sounds odd coming from me because I’m hardy fully sane, but is this really you or are you just embracing a persona for fun and attention?

he’s faking it

like many of us, the appeal of winding people up on rof can be irresistible 

If I'm honest, I don't actually believe the BBC is biased. They'll have W1A-style committee meetings about this sort of thing and bend over backwards to avoid offending anyone. However, it does seem odd that there's this lack of balance on QT seemingly every week. They manage to make the audience 50/50 between swivel-eyed gammon types and quinoa-eating liberals, so why not the panel?

You are probably the only person on here who bothers to watch it Dux. Or start threads about it every week.

Nowt wrong with quinoa, dux.

Disagree about the W1a style meeting. Offending brexiteers, to their mindset, is actually OK and to be encouraged, because brexiteers are wrong, and they're deplorable, and they're racist.

To the Beeb, they're therefore not really people at all, so can be ignored and/ or ridiculed and/ or offended with impunity.

This alternate universe you cretins live in where the BBC isn't a pro-leave propaganda outlet packed to the rafters with Government shills and cretins like Marr, Neil, Bruce, Humphrys who consistently give Farage and the rest of the headbangers a platform to spout their nonsense unchallenged sounds fun.  I'd also like to live in a world where the QT audience isn't full of UKIP/BNP plants every week too, and where the panel is, week after week, full of Brexiteer idiots.  Where the beeb don't travel far and wide to find the most brexity, racist vox poppers for every news soundbite.  Where the BBC isn't the only major news outlet to refuse to cover the Leave lies and criminality, including most recently their refusal to cover Boris' links with Steve Bannon.

"...their refusal to cover Boris' links with Steve Bannon..."

I thought that was shown to be codswallop, based on an incorrect transcript of a film clip.

I thought it was incorrectly claimed Bannon said he had "gone back and forth on the text" regarding Mr Johnson's climbdown from leadership, whereas the video showed him claiming he had "gone back and forth on text". Is that not the case?

Mr Johnson didn't take advice, he merely responded to texts sent by someone he'd met in his professional capacity as Foreign Secretary when that individual had been working in the White House. There was no advisory role.

Threep, out of interest, what's your take on The Canary?

1. The only truly balanced reporting out there

2. Not pro-Corbyn enough

3. Far-right hate vehicle

Wouldn't worry about balance. It's in Chichester, so I'm sure the audience of twin set and pearls will make up for any imbalance on the panel.