Tomorrow I have to change trains at Limerick junction

I have one minute to do this

Reckon they'll wait?

The announcements are in Irish first which adds to the risk that the minute will have passed before I even understand

Ps *submits application for most niche rof post 2019 *

There once was a girl on a train

Whose connection would be quite a strain

So she started to rof

Saying this can fuck off

And planned her journey again


Fucking annoyed with not typing "And so she planned..." so it actually fucking scanned properly. Grr

Is it?

800 years we were they and they managed to keep those mines hidden from us.

Crafty buggers.

I would not mind being stuck for a couple of hours in actual Limerick (the flighty ladies remind me of Glasgow)

Plenty of gold mines in Ireland.  Conroy Gold is on AIM.  Well when I say it's a goldmine it's more a vehicle for issuing share certificate like confetti to pay the directors fees.

Is this like the Irish version of changing at Baker Street, Clergs?  If so, u = filfmonger.

There is no answer, and there is really only one way to find out.  However, if I were you, I'd talk to the conductor on the train and see if he can radio the driver of the other train.  If it's a regular connecting train, however, he may well wait.  Are the platforms close together?


Apologies for offering constructive suggestions.  Normal service will resume shortly.

Yeah because the Irish just love a self-entitled tourist expecting them to delay a train full of people for their own convenience.  At least you’re not English so that is marginally in your favour.

My father was born in Tipperary. This is of no use to you, sorry.

I am not a tourist

I didn't pick the transfer times

I suspect if it's like the route from cork it will be ok

Important update - they did hold the train several times for everyone to get on. It still arrived more timeously than any virgin trains I can recall. 

Good work clergs.  Are you enjoying your tourist holiday?

More a Scottish thing.  But yes it is a word, however the UK and US would generally use ‘timely’ instead.  


Timely and timeously. “Timely” and "timeously" are synonymous, and mean "occurring at the proper time or within an expected time" (“fulfill the contract in a timely fashion”). Each is used both as an adjective and an adverb. ... The base adjective “timeous” is used too, but more seldom.

I am disappointed by the lack of Clergs-rage anecdotes about this journey ...

But you can usually trust her to find something

A pigeon looked at me today. Twice. Why twice? Why does it hate me? It would be better if it had looked three times if it were going to invade my space with its looks - that at least is taking an interest. How to people live through this? PATHOS.


I like her inner voice. It reads like the next sleeper hit novel.