Tommy Robinson guilty lol

What a creature.

He'll get beaten to death in prison no? or will he have loads of m8s?

Why the f*ck would he get beaten to death in prison?  He's been in before.

Why the f*ck would he get beaten to death in prison?

Quite, hence my second question.

I'm not familiar with prison rules. I am aware that kiddi fiddlers get killed. I guess racists are acceptable?

This would be a good opp to list the rules. Turn a negative into a positive.

It's all kicking off on Old Bailey.

Loads of Police , earlier, batons were drawn,

Crowds moved back now

He'll be in nice prison as it's a non-violent crime, most people will be too busy to take any notice of him and will just ignore him.

Racists are not popular in the general prison population, which has a less white dominated ethnic mix than outside.

As I understand it he's a working class guy. That means it's okay for him to break the law.