Tom Curry (Trigger warning - claret everywhere)

Wow, had not seen these pics of his face before. Not so pretty now....


Curry may have instilled a bit more fear with the blood mask.



Curry was briefly replaced by Nathan Hughes, but came back on after being patched up…



Because claret is well known slang for blood from a sports injury

It squirted out very fast when they showed the slo-mo, too! Bet he had a few stitches. What annoyed me was the man with the towel just kept dabbing at it instead of applying pressure whilst it spurted everywhere...

Looks like quite young claret. more of a new world Zinfandel, Malbec or Carmenere really

We didnt really see on the telly but it strikes me as thd sort of injury a boxing corner would attend to with an ear bud and a bit of vas

I don't recall ever seeing 'claret' used for blood in 25 years of watching and reading about football; is it a rugby thing?

I didn’t know it was a sport thing, but it is a very well known euphemism for blood.

“Get your strides on son, you’re nicked, and no funny business or you’ll be leaking claret like wet Wednesday in Margate” or something