Tom Cruise hits the nail on the head…


I was reading about this on my way to work and can't say I've noticed it and struggled to see the distortion that was being pointed out in the photo accompanying the article.  My issue with HD is being able to see the inch of make up plastered on all of the actors faces.

heh, is he saying he doesn't like them because they make him look old/short?


no, I totally get what he means when you watch a film on a new fangled telly and the cinematography looks like an episode of El Dorado

that's because most of you watch these new fangled tellies, whereas up until it bust, I have been watching the TV VCR combo so the motion blurring effect is stark for me.

On Samsung TVs you just change the picture mode from Dynamic to standard or whatever it is. Very off putting, I agree. 

The most annoying thing for me about watching films on TV is when the sound has been optimised for people with a 5.1 home cinema speaker system so that the noise of passing traffic or the white noise in the background of a scene or even just a coffee cup being moved is so much louder than the dialogue that you ave to turn the volume up to max just to be able to hear what they are saying.

We watch most telly with the subtitles on for this reason, as can’t turn up too loud due to the sleeping 2 yr old upstairs. 

We do have a shit telly though.