Congrats on winning the league. 

Not over yet m7.

Burnley will be tougher than that.

hope ZG is ok.

Burnley will be a tougher test, but you'll still win. My local u12s would be a tougher test than Utd.

I haven't seen too much of Utd this season. I saw a bit of the Everton game on Sunday (which was hilarious) but I thought that might have been a one-off, but last night Utd were awful. Are Utd so bereft of decent players they need to run a raffle for a prize of getting in the team? That's the only reason I can think of for Fred playing? He had more successful passes to City players than most of the City team. That he is a professional footballer is a bigger aberration than Jonathan Greening having a Champions League medal.

Juventus must still be laughing. £89m for Pogshit is some business.


Why are you congratul8ing Tom? did he score a few goals?

Because normal people will congratulate others on the success of their teams. Think of it as a form of vicarious success.

Alternatively, if you are that autistic that this has to be explained to you, yes, Tom is actually Pep Guardiola.

As Pep (or was it me) said, both teams deserve to win the title. I agree. 

As for united, if they’d have perpetrated that dross under maureen, they’d be calling for him tongue sacked. Five at the back, with two holding midfielders ffs.

still worried about Zero.

It's brilliant. They'll spend big money over the summer, start off next season badly then have to sack OGS. He'll be back at Molde this time next year.


Yep. Rinse and repeat for the next decade hopefully.

Zero Gravitas. Man U fan who seems to have vanished.

OIC. Maybe he was one of the Utd fans leaving Old Toilet after 75 mins?