Toffee Crisps

Where have they gone? 

I went to two shops at lunch to find a Toffee Crisp and neither of them had any. 

Why aren't shops stocking Toffee Crisps??

Pound shops are usually good for toffee crisps. 4 for £1 goodness

What else is in the snack jar? 

This is way more interesting than my need to find Toffee Crisp. 

Ended up buying a Crunchie. Pleasantly surprised - don't know why I stopped eating them. Peer pressure probably. 

Nature valley bars

Yorkie  biscuit bars

Some chocolate waffer thing

Packets of assorted biscuits

Other chocolate bars

Other stuff as well I'll pic it tomorrow to satisfy your needs


Same with star bars. You have one and think I should eat these more often. But you soon forget and go back to the old trusty king size twix.

I thought Toffee Crisps much like Double Deckers only ever appeared in selection boxes. Do people buy them out of choice?

Double Decker is my go-to choice if I'm buying a chocolate bar. They're surprisingly messy. 

Have you ever tried a square of Dairy Milk and a Polo at the same time? Game changer. 😍

Double deckers are ace. Up there with red bounties on the snack totem pole.

Double Deckers are well weapon 

Hayley I think you’ve shown a lot of early promise but any more of that talk and it’ll be a yellow card

Once at my office they had a whole box of Double Deckers go out of date so left them out for anyone to have. Great times. 

Only other good chocolate bars are:



Lion Bar

Raisin and biscuit yorkies seem to be missing off that list.

LOL @ Diam. If you want something truly disgusting though, try a Reese's Pieces bar. 


I had a green tea Kit Kat once. Never been so disappointed in myself 

The amazing thing is that you weren't prepared to be disappointed

love a toffee crisp,


buy the multipacks but end up having two at once as they are so moreish

I'm not sure I've ever had a toffee crisp.

I'm a milky bar kid, but have to settle for milky way. 

Love a toffee crisp me, or a double decker

Picnics can fuck off though, they’re for absolute perverts

Whatever happens to Picnics? I used to love them. And Gold Bars.

We hung a toffee crisp (well a toffee crisp wrapper stuffed with the pocked from a lab coat) in the flies above the stage at school and managed to have it “float” down behind the head at assembly one day. 

How we laughed (those of a certain vintage may get the reference).

I think I have tried every available bar for chocolate there is

You seen the size of gold bars these days? They're tiny. They used to be the literal size of a gold bar. 

I refuse to buy them on the principle that something that small could never be satisfying. 

Kit Kat’s have to be the best chocolate bar (although Im not keen on four fingers and prefer two in foil (snigger)).


Dairy Milk and a polo mint must make a Cadbury’s style After Eight?

Getting an all chocolate kitkat is like winning a golden ticket. 

Cakers is on one today. 

Is there anything more sophisticated than After Eights? Don't say Vienetta - that's sophisticated, but not individually wrapped coffee mint sophisticated. After Eights are like Perrier levels of sophistication. 


Jesus man, there’s a packet of squares there. Alright, they are the sacred salt’n’vibegar variety but grab them before someone else does.

The switch alignment with the tiling spacing, makes me angry. 

heh, already had a doughnut (not pictured)

you want the drinks fridge?

Fucking hell, is that basket is a new US torture technique?

There are some quality snacks there. 

Do people not take the wotsits because they don't like wotsits, or the cheesy finger residue? 

Is that a blue ribband bar in the biscuit jar? 

Bet you work for a well lar-di-dar firm. 

There are blue ribband bars in there

Not sure why the wotsits are unpopular

I will picture the drinks fridge tomorrow.

But not wind you up with pictures of my free breakfast and barrista coffee

Not a law firm unsurprisingly

Quavers - pervert crisps

cheese and onion French fries - pervert crisps

cheese and onion squares - pervert crisps

wotsits - not pervert crisps but wouldn’t let them near my kids

ready salted squares - well disguised pervert crisps

ready salted squares - well disguised pervert crisps

Ready salted anything, tbh. 

You can get giant Wotsits now. Saw them in WH Smith the other day. 

Heh they have these big variety boxes of snacks, the blue ribband is the strawberry crème of the box

the lack of lilt and / or capri sun marks you out as a likely racist imo

how would a man go about getting an um bongo in your gaff?

what are the bottom left? schwepps and other mixers?

who bought all those vanilla cokes?

mental when the vastly superior cherry coke exists

or is that a lone chezza coke in the top left at the back?

it is we had regular, cherry, sugar free vanilla, diet and zero

just burn the vanilla. if anyone in your house drinks it, kill them and burn them.

zero is dogshit as well

what about the rubicon....

Boris crossed it with his shafting of Manchester, according to Keir today at PMQs

otherwise decent fridge tbf tbf. The cream soda is a nice retro addition. Swap out that rubicon nonsense for some lilt and maybe chuck in an irn bru incase you have guests from the north and you'll be fine

what kind of absolute nonce doesn't have sprite / 7up in there?

get that fixed anarl

we did have 7up a few weeks ago but the cook/chef likes to mix it up

we probably need to talk about the elephant in the room

dandelion and burdock

Why are there all those vanilla cokes? Because nobody wants them!

no d&b in there only cream soda

no one has noticed the bacon fries hanging above

i did but am speechless from wondering what kind of posh bellend gets bacon fries and not frazzles

I would but she knocked out this baby this morning plus fresh cinnamon rolls