Today is turning out to be

one of those days


Mines quite good.  And I just realised I didn’t have lunch so I shall now have my grilled fresh roe on toast for supper and I made do with some beef noodles in the mean time (Lidl, 24p) which were lush.

Have some noodles Judy, that’ll cheer you up.

did judo mean a bad day? Might be that she is horny as a rabbit and is getting sum

I mean a lot of annoying things that I hadn't planned for.


Mine too. 


Found out that the council in considering my house plans has decided it requires a speciality environmental report. 

The quote came in today from the environmental services company.

$45,000 Aus.

With no guarantee of any approval for building thereafter ... 


What a massive PITA, Scylls - sorry to hear this.


Yep.. it’s  ridiculous. 

That’s  more than the average yearly after tax salary for where I’m building... which makes anyone local building anything absolutely ridiculous and no bank would ever loan against a environmental report. 

Then the council wonders why the whole area is economically fvcked and everyone leaves ..

I suspect this is only the beginning of the many expensive and frustrating issues to come. 

You’re not seriously going to pay that are you? I mean that’s like what £15k or something in real money?

I don’t exactly have a choice Teccers. 

I have already spent a whole shitload lot more than that buying the land.. I can’t build on it without the report.

I’ve asked the architect to get two more quotes but I can’t see them coming back any cheaper. Even if there are two more companies that do the same thing in the area. 



Urgh. My sympathies. Thieving bastards. 

Can you appeal and ask for options or set some kind of compromise up for a cheaper report?

I’m asking those questions now.. but basically if I’m clearing more than 5000sqm of native vegetation I have to do all sorts of biodiversity offsets. 

That alone accounts for 30k of it. 

So I’m looking at options to make the house smaller... not that the house is that big to begin with... but I have to include all the bushfire clearance zones etc within that area. 

If I can get out of the offset requirements the 15k is more reasonable. 

Crap.   That's shit, Scylla.  Are you back in Aus yet or not?

Scylls I feel your pain.  I haven't added up the amount I've spent on bat surveys, incorporating bat boxes and lofts and also fencing to keep newts and the like as I know it just enrage me.  At least I can reclaim some of the VAT on the bat accommodation as it's all part of the build cost.

Not yet badders..

I’ve been trying to get everything to the point where I can go home and start building before I hit the eject button. 

However the timing is becoming increasingly frustrating given the council and general incompetence and she will be right mate attitude. 

I suspect I’m going to make a very poor Australian. I’ve been gone far too long. 




Explain to me how Great Crested Newts can be endangered.... they are, literally, EVERYWHERE WE WANT TO PUT A PLANT.

I don't think I've done a project in 10 years without having spent a fortune on newt relocation...


I’ve been breeding them and selling them to people to put on your sites.

Have the local greens and environmentalists yet cottoned on to this proposed abuse of the environment,  Scylla?

Environment impact report definitely needed here, together with a full public enquiry

Test case really on how seriously Australians view protecting the planet