TMPM -What is her plan B given she is bound to lose next week?

Does she even have one, what do you reckon?

Hire an Orang UTan butler then disappear down Whitehall swinging from the flag poles...

Dunno, perhaps she should get Melanie Phillips in to advise. She’s spouting bollox on beeb2 atm about as well informed at TMPM.

I reckon the PM might cave completely.

As we speak she's got a slightly shift bloke named Guy stuffing the undrecroft of Parliament with semtex.

Again, I hope you are correct about her caving, but it ain't gonna happen, she has gone far too far " in delivering brexit as the people wished "

I just want to hear by way of leak what her plan B is?

on FB someone posted "same as Plan A but she'll say it louder"

OK, DD, assuming you are right then what next?


I hope Parliament holds its nerve and doesn't allow itself to accepting Mays shit deal, becasuse she maliciously and deliberately run the clock down so as to ambush the house in to her deal.

It’s critical that Parliament holds its nerve, of course. But if it does, every step is exposing the con job that got us to this point, and that TMPM is an instrument of Very Bad Things. There’s a long way to go yet, but slowly the country is being shown quite how grim the Brexit view is in reality. There will still be a massive crisis in national confidence wherever we end up, but if we stay in the EU at least we won’t be starving while that crisis plays out. 

What various actors seeem to forget is there is no time for a referendum, and with 79 days left how can a general electtion take place, that only leaves no deal brexit (likely in my view) or Mays deal, as I said elsewhere she can put her shit deal to parliament a hundred times and the result will be the same.


BBC researchers think she will lose next weeks vote by 114 at least, and that is huge and no pulling back from that, ever.

ebitda, the EU will extend A50 on the basis another referendum is to be held and if the referendum needs to be expedited in a national crisis then it will be - it only takes a few weeks notice to put on a general election which is far more complicated.  Yes in an ideal world the questions will be tested over weeks and months etc but if the law needs to be changed on that it can be.  Parliament is sovereign so there is no such thing as a legal impediment.

Brexit and Remain zealots both hate Mays deal 

So it is difficult to know where ebitdas venom is coming from

Other than NO SURRENDER of whatever extreme he's at

You need a six week window for Purdah in either case.

So six weeks back from 29th March is 14th February.

Beeb calcs she’ll lose by 228

she won’t need a plan B cos she’ll be toast

Guy ,you are supposing TMPM and her crew can get their shit , or want to get their shit together in a few weeks..also she won’t ever allow a referendum, ever . She would rather there be a no deal brexit which she has then delivered as the people wanted.