TM Lewin in Administration

Where will young gentlemen buy their mid-range work wear now?

I don't think young people will need suits for a couple of decades anyway

Eugh. People being delighted about being at work while their Appetite for Destruction Tour T-shirt and a pair of 15 year old shorts makes me so depressed. 

me too

tho am working in pyjamas just now who am I to talk

All the TM Lewins in the city have been emptied, this is no shock. Sad though. I think this is the end of an era.


Who will make average, unironable shirts now? 

You need an industial metal press and more steam than has ever been created in the history of industry thorughout the universe to make one of their shirts properly crease free.


You can still buy them online. This was always going to happen once offices went for the casual look

I bought a nice suit just before lockdown. Reckon it will see out my working career now m8s.

I've just counted and I've got 18 shirts including friday ones so I think I'm set for the rest of my career now.

This is a shame. Their shop on Jermyn Street had a lot of character.


I think wuflu will be the death of the suit as a work uniform and can’t see people dressing up in the office again.

I wondered why my FB feed, and email was being spammed with some genuinely great offers. Wasn't it bought out of Admin just a few months ago?

Where will young gentlemen buy their mid-range work wear now?

In the Thomas Pink sale, obvs.

Thomas Pink occupies  a different price point all together.

Grosvenor Shirts on Jermyn Street went under at the start of May, they had all their unsold stock on BidSpotter at bargain basement prices.

Charles Tyrrwhitt seem to have weathered every economic storm , along with Roderick Charles. Both of which I like a lot.

I get my shirts from Hawes & Curtis. They're the only comfortable ones, I find.


I seem to agree with you about not 1 but 2 things ebit.

Fingers crossed H&H are ok, they’re the best value shirts on the street.

it’s always been shite tbf

charles tyrwhitt is better and anyone above trainee level should trade up to Hackett anyway

Charles Tyrwhitt is much better, and a much larger range. However, Lewin you can do emergency improptu buys ,and if they fall apart in six months it doesn't matter . The ones I have lasted ages, although the collars do go quickly.

Thos. Pink also superior of course.Indeed I’m not really sure what Lewin’s USP was/is. Just seems an inferior version of the other mass market shirt makers 

Its USP is five shirts for a hundred quid or less, they are easily worth that.

a bit like ryanair, one should never go for the lowest cost tenderer

I like the small very cut away collars personally and CT,Roderick Charles, and Ede & Ravenscroft do the best ones.

small collars are for people with small heads

I like a deep and pointy collar with plenty of room in it

I used to like the shorter arm length that they did, back when I had a correspondingly smaller neck. Now for off the peg stuff I need arms down to my knees and tails I could tie up between my legs to get the right collar size*


*although I go custom now of course so not an issue

My work suit is the one I had my job interview in.

11 years ago.

It gets an outing about twice a year. 

Smart Casual all the way, homies. 


Grouville: I know, right? 

I think wuflu will be the death of the suit as a work uniform and can’t see people dressing up in the office again.

Really? I would have said the exact opposite. Mass unemployment makes people want to impress at work. And a suit is more impressive than jeans/T-shirt etc. Offices will re-open ere long, and I fully expect everyone to be very smartly dressed at work indeed. To distinguish themselves from the legions of unemployed. 

more Big Covid Predictions

I think people will wear exactly the same to work after covid as they did before

ps we are now after covid

So TM Lewin are no longer on sale?

That, surely, is a harbinger of the apocalypse.

I must have clicked on pseuds corner by mistake. They're only bloody shirts.

Yes totes, but the small ones( in diameter), not the large cut aways warn by football managers, and american IBankers and Lawyers

They’re still there – they have just moved online:


The tails on their shirts are hopeless for a taller chap.

Wot Strutter said.

Also, for some reason, the buttons stop well short at the bottom, so you have a massive unsightly gap.