Titles at banks
PerfidiousPorpoise 12 Jul 19 13:54
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Could someone in the know please explain what the various titles mean at investment banks? I recall learning (from ROF) that some titles sound more impressive than they actually are. E.g., what's the difference between an ED and an MD and a VP? Thanks.

 ED  -  erectile dysfunctional 

MD  - Moderately dysfunctional 

 VP - Visibly Penile. 




ED and MD mean different things in different banks

ED and MD is more senior to VP.

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AVPs are assistant vice presidents. Assume 0-3 pqe lawyers

VPs -  mid level associate equiv

Director - a head of department or leader of team, equiv to Sr Assoc or Jr Partner

MD - function head, like an Equity Partner

EP - not used in all banks but basically an Exec committee level role



VPs are more or less mid-level, MDs are usually the most senior legal role.

They have no consistent meaning.   EDs are definitely not exec committee in many places. Nor are VPs necessarily junior or badly paid. There is ego massaging to lawyers falling out of private practice with titles so you get supposed EDs who are really just VPs reporting to Ds  albeit less often than used to happen