Tips for starting a career in law in your late 30s



What do you think ma chances are?

Pretty good if you have a suitable level of qualification. Law is a relatively non-ageist profession with quite a long track record of people coming into it after careers elsewhere. Provided you can persuade them it's not a whim, and you're willing to start at the bottom as a trainee or pupil, I would say it's perfectly feasible. To be honest, changing careers at that kind of age is going to become pretty normal, if it hasn't already.

M8 you are a lawyer! You've been admitted to the New York Bar.

If you have got either good grades in you non-law qualifications, and/or some valuable experience in a different career, go for it.

One doesn't have to have been a soldier with a heroic record, a concert pianist, an Olympic athlete or a member of a successful band (I was not a fan, but apparently one of the members of Blur became a Solicitor and practices Land Law).

The main downside is being a perpetual student. Anglo-Saxon countries look down this, as it is seen (not without reason) as unproductive, unlike in continental Europe, where paper qualifications are valued. 

If you have been marking time despite current qualifications, especially if you possess post-graduate qualifications, you need to ask yourself whether it would improve your status financially or career-wise.

You haven't said whether you want to go to the Bar or to be a Solicitor. The former carries a major health warning. It also depends whether you are idealistic and want to practice in publicly-funded work. Well, don't. Unless you're a champagne socialist in Hampstead, Islington or Primrose Hill. The Tory government is systematically and deliberately destroying Legal Aid and the justice system.

You must want to be a lawyer, 100 per cent, rather than fancying 'having a go' to keep up with one of the Kardashians (I don't follow them, I have read that one of them wants to be an Attorney in California. Presumably, she's got the family brain cell.). 

I think the chances for a general person are respectable.

The chances for you are really not good though m5.

What Meh said. 

Also if you mange to be publicly fired twice that is a great start. 

Good post

I have made a minor amendment

'Following the loss of £2 trillion of the country's  savings by the previous feckless Labour Government , the Tory government has been forces systematically and deliberately to cut back on Legal Aid and the justice system and other non critical welfare payments '

It takes 20 years to undue the damage caused to the economy by Labour Governments 

The Kardashian sisters' father was a lawyer. I don't think the K-girls are stupid tbf.