TIGs change their name again.


*Zoomed in to 400% on screen*

*Fetched magnifying glass*

*Used magnifying glass to look through a telescope*

*Read text in picture*.




*right click image open in new tab*

*look at tab*




Leaving aside that rib tickling joke, they should for the purpose of this election at least simply called themselves the Remain party.     Simplicity is key in this election as the Brexit Party are proving

That wouldn't help them at all. They've massively shot their bolt and it looks like their funding is drying up. Expect them to disappear before 1 September. 

Probably true - only space for them or the Lib Dems and seems remainers are returning to the Lib Dems in preference.  They should do the decent thing and stand down from the European elections and join the re-invigorated Lib Dems. 

What Shooter said, although I had to invest in a microscope!