three people or things that everyone loves but you do not

And it feels like they must be pretending because wtf

mine are:



eating eggs



fleabag is about horrible people, other horrible people like seeing people even more horrible than them, 

eggs smell of sulfur why would anyone eat them!

anyway what are your three things?

You do not like AOC? Are you high? She is the heroine the world has needed for years.

I think she's unbearable

"I grew up in the bronx, yall"

don't care, AOC

the idea that someone in their twenties has the answer to anything is risible

but the point is other people like her or claim to so fine whatever

Oh did not read thread properly. 


1. Tea. it tastes like piss. 

2. Watching sports on TV. 

3. James Corden

PS I have no idea what AOC is. after a quick google I will keep it that way 


seriously how tf can people not know who AOC is? not that this doesn't please me

this whole football craze

maybe people are just pretending because it's the done thing? and you have a topic to talk about?

I shit on football

1. Eating fish and seafood. Bleurgh.

2. Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing on Ice/X Factor/Britain's Got Talent/any of the above plus any additional celebrity competition type rubbish.

3. Question Time.

1. David Attenborough 

2. David Attenborough 

3. Etc 

Oh I don't like cats either. The way they dislocate when you try to cuddle them is creepy AF

1. The film "Raging Bull"

2. Baked Beans

3. Really hot weather

They respect my views and show me appropriate contempt it's fine 



hoolie - that is so weird. Even if you don't like you must see why no one agrees with you? 

YES WELLERS! Baked beans and really hot weather for me too.

Olives.  Just stop pretending you like the satanic possessed evil grapes.

Any and every “talent” show on television.  I do not even watch television but this nonsense invades other areas of my life and so I firmly disapprove.

Victoria Coren Mitchel.  Far too self-admiring and smug.  Not anywhere near as clever as she thinks she is.

Oh I can't stand her either 


I know there are other people who have the same view of Attenborough. They are out there 

1 - Just sitting and relaxing.  I can't do it.  Get fidgety in about 5 minutes

2 - Skiing

3 - Game of Thrones

this thread is a safe space but YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT COFFEE

". Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing on Ice/X Factor/Britain's Got Talent/any of the above plus any additional celebrity competition type rubbish."


I don't think this is in the spirit of the thread, it is practically a required middle class response.


1. Fish and Chips

2.  Pie

3. Visiting France

 it is practically a required middle class response.

I know a lot of people of the middle class persuasion who are obsessed with sodding Strictly. Ugh.


Can you please translate for the non-Welsh speaking majority

Strictly isn’t exactly in the same category as the other “talent” shows it was unfairly lumped in with above.

Stix - I hate all of them. They're all sycophantic weird bollocks. Especially bloody Tess Daly who has the personality of a dead mannequin.

1. Brie and most soft cheeses;

2. Most varieties of fruit;

3. Any kind of chat show.

Half the fun is texting your family to take the piss out of Tess though! Maybe that’s just us...

It is true Strictly has middle class followers and so is more acceptable to like in certain circles but I really don't see what distinguishes it from other talent/celebrity shows save that it is on BBC1  and tends to have a couple of celebrities people over 40 might have heard of..

1.  Sunday roasts

2.  Holidays

3.  Avocados

Can I have three more?:

Cake - it's always a disappointment.  Just sweet pap.

Mozart - doesn't move me at all. merely mechanically clever.

Any pizza that hasn't come out of my pizza oven.  Invariably bready and dull.


watching telly



Although I really really also do not like the Beatles or hot weather.

Ooh god I'll have to strongly disagree on those first two ML

Wrong in what sense, Wibble?

That I don't like them? - pretty confident about that; or

That everyone else doesn't either? - willing to consider your evidence

Mozart? Seriously.  Ok just fuck off, you are dead to me.  He isn’t my personal favourite composer ‘‘tis true but he was a true genius in the most literal sense of the word and created things of pure beauty that we are lucky to have.

Ok just fuck off, you are dead to me

PP's heart is just totally broken by this, I am sure.

Also, Teccers - music is a subjective thing. It is an objective fact that Mozart was gifted, that's ok. But PP doesn't have to like his music on that basis, that's just stupid.

He does. Liking Mozart is a requirement.  And yes I suspect he will weep himself to sleep tonight.

Heh. I guess no one worries about Vernon anymore ,although

remaining eminently punchable for a hard core 

Was Vernon Kay ever universally popular?

My 3:

Summer holidays


Breaking Bad

Is Vernon kay the one with the big teeth who looks like this Noel character wot presents Bake off but could be on Oasis?

Agree on all of those, pancakes!

(And yes, props to la clergs for a great thread.  )

Agree salted caramel, Cakers.

Ditto salted chocolate.  Weird.

Oh, I misunderstood your question. Possibly. He’s northern and married to Tess Daly though.

Big face, dark hair, big teef. I've seen him. No clue why he's famous tho.

I always forget about Linda's lack of red wine love and rock up with red at her house....oops. Bad friend.

No, I genuinely forget. I am a good friend. I turn up with other things like food and karaoke choons.

Reality TV

Talent TV

Calling the NZ rugby team by that nickname.

Great British Bake-off

Time with family


Threads started by people who in an attempt to look achingly cool list things that are objectively good yet they claim to dislike.

It is no surprise to me that neither of you know what attempts to look cool look like.

It looks like *fonzy style thumbpoint at self* this.

Yeah baby.

+1 for Breaking Bad, really, really don't get it.

The entirety of the modern 'wellness' b*ll*cks.



Actually AOC, when she recorded herself dancing in her office just to wind up GOP after someone leaked an old college video of her was possibly the coolest moment in recent times.  And it accomplishes both being incredibly funny and cool as well as annoys Clergs.


Rushing to identify the emperor's new clothes is a national obsession with the British. Just chill the fuck out.

Not sure if AOC qualifies as a person that everyone loves--surely there are more people who love Trump than AOC.