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risk free return 22 Sep 22 18:17
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<insert shitpost1 here>

<wall of copy / paste text from rumpole with no relevance to the debate but furthers their extremist position and gets a few likes from vvankers>

<spunks alt right nonsense all over the board accompanied by daily heil link but puts question mark at end of thread title to maintain plausible deniability>

 <adds facts. Expecting them to be totally ignored by those who would rather shoot the messenger and deride the source rather than make any effort to engage with the content>

<adds ‘alternative facts’ from alt right web site which are immediately disproved and then claims everyone is ‘shooting the messenger’>

<I h8ve n0thing 2 say.  But h8t3 b3ing l3ft out, so h3re i5 5om3 5illy m8d3 u6 t3xt 5p34k th4t m4k35 m3 l 👁 👁 k   c 👁 👁 l>

<adds facts>

<Doubts alleged facts, does cursory research, confirms alleged facts are not facts, but are instead assertions from far right propaganda websites, lolz>