A thread to post healthy living tweaks u have recently found useful

Since I started drinking white tea and eating blueberries every day I feel a lot better

Might just be imagination but I don't think so

spanky m7, did u kno that british grown blueberry plants r often fertilised using out-of-d7 bull semen? it’s just the right amount of acidity and so tips our usually more alkaline soil the way of the soil in its native north east us coast

Post obsessively about covid rule rumours from random twitter and facetwot accounts. It's v healthy.

Have to buy the paste, natch, but I make my own dashi from a combination of kombu, bonito flakes and shiitake and sometimes make fresh tofu with nigari and soy milk.

Luckily my blueberries are from Morocco!

Pheebz - nice will note this for my dcs.

This sounds ace, Orwell. I would probably go for a no bonito version tho as don't love the fish (realise this missed the point).

I'm not heavily into fish either so go light on the bonito, but you can do it just fine with the kombu and mushrooms.  It's much nicer than pre-made soup sachets.

Grains (quinoa and bulgur, couscous) and brown rice as default carbs.

Replace fats with spice and chilli for flavour and interest.

Cbd oil as appetite suppressant and booze substitute.

Interesting re CBD oil! I haven't found it great but does it work in a drink?

Thanks, Orwell, I must stock up on things.

"Post obsessively about ferrets in the nukes from random twitter and facetwot accounts. It's v healthy.z

going to try to incorp some of these

srsly my body feels so much less out of kilter since the tea/berry regime

curra NZ blackcurrant pills. They do everything (eyesight / hair / circulation / improved fat burning if taken 2 hours before exercise).

Lentils three times a week- so many varieties and many ways to flavour them, can have them in soup form, rice or with some garlic naan- nice.

The change of season should help, change from stodgy winter food to lighter spring food, eat seasonal. Asparagus, strawberries, gazpacho.

Menu-plan three real (but light and springy) meals a day, each with carbs and protein and two or more fruit or veg, plus some small sweet thing so you don't feel deprived and go mad and eat a bar of chocolate.

Use traditional tried and trusted recipes so you have reliably enjoyable tasty food so you don't feel deprived and go mad and eat a bar of chocolate. 

Buckwheat porridge, cooked in water, add a bit of milk and fruit or dried fruit at the end, good coffee, for breakfast. 

Rollmops, potatoes and cucumber salad, bit of homemade cake, cup of tea for lunch

Gazpacho, large salad grilled goats cheese on toast for dinner, glass of wine. 

Salads, soups, fish, porridge, drink water. 

Voila - 

Kefir, and linseed sprinkled on everything from cereals to soup. 

Gillian McKeith would give my turds prizes (and my guts feel great)

Lots of exercise built into your day, such as taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalator 

Upping my fibre intake. For decades I put up with a sluggish system, just like my father’s, until the GP said, look, just alter your diet, some people need more fibre than others, deal with it. I did so, overnight, life changing.

All rice is brown now and all bread wholemeal. Spinach added to almost everything (but note that spinach alone wont work, you would need to eat tons of the stuff) raspberries in porridge, for the seeds. Seeds are actually a massive souce of fibre. That bread in the supermarket covered in seeds - huge fibre content on the label - but rememebr most of them get swept into the sink!