A thread to post company logos from your youth

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Ta 🦆 🦆 🦆 

KF - never seen it before but love the chirpy suggestion. Bit along the lines of “Why not go to Skegness for your holiday this year?” And they say the police have bad PR…

IKR. It's almost as if there's an easily accessible database in the public domain where you can find them all! Crazy.     

Think Eeyore must be my sock puppet. So often posts what I’m thinking.

Loving the thread and can’t see the Thames one without hearing in my mind the jingle that went with it. Reminds me of days off sick at school, lying on the sofa and watching shite Aussie soaps.

🦆 🦆 🦆- I’m thinking the Sullivan and Sons and Daughters. Was an addict for early Neighbours.

Nessun Dorma, Roger Milla, Toto Schilachi, Pavarotti, bloody penalties, Pavarotti, klinsmann, goycochea, jumpers for goalposts. Marvelous.

it's back!

yes bulletboy, the police one was not a logo but (iirc) a t-shirt that was advertised in Viz.

Duxta, on my study wall I have a framed Beano each year from my first in 1982, a few days before my fourth birthday.

"Think Eeyore must be my sock puppet. So often posts what I’m thinking"

I want to say "Great minds think alike" but the second half of that is "fools seldom differ" which is plainly not true on ROF !

No, didn’t here about that.  

I have about 300 beans in a box from most of the 80s (including the six week saga when gnasher went awol).

There is the occasional dandy in the collection, as well as a Topper (they can’t have been in print for 35 years)

Netscape and Silicon Graphics were pretty cool. I have loads of Netscape stuff and a Silicon Graphics t-shirt that just says visual anarchy.

Fun times.

heh @ Danny’s [email protected]

Danny's transphobic, a long-running strip which originated in DC Thomson's Topper in 1973 and ran until 1986, was the story of Danny Wilson, a schoolboy who owned a special transistor radio which could emit a beam of light which, depending on which button he pressed, could make things invisible (VHF), make them shrink (SW) or grow (LW), or even make them lighter than air (MW)! History does not, however, record whether or not it could actually pick up Radio 1. One suspects not, making it fairly useless as a radio. The art was by Ken Hunter

Adult comic Viz later spoofed the strip, making Danny the owner of a transvestite.”

Can we get an early doors Lucozade in orange wrapping?

Corona bottles n all - lemonade not some w**ky beer.