A thread to name lots of really Early Nineties people
Sir Woke XR Re… 07 Apr 21 14:47
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I’ll start

Lindy Layton 

One of them gave me some acid at the Camden palais way back when..

Sean Ryder

Stock Aitken and Waterman

Michael Knighton

Antonia de Sancha

Stefan Edberg 

Jeremy Jordan

Vanilla Ice

Monica Seles (damn that stabby creep, damn him!!)


MC Tunes (possibly l8 8ies but if Lindy Layton* counts then so does Tunes. 

General Levy


*I saw her interviewed on some bbc4 prog recently. Still wood but for very different reasons. 

Heh @ ciro cittierio - but that was late 90s no? My first ever suit was made by them. Fvcking massive it was, would have been c 1999. 

Angus Deayton (thinking woman's crumpet)

Rob Newman

I went on a date with (& on another occasion slept in the water bed of) one of these people; another is married to an M7.


James Brown (loaded)

Edina Ronay

Lynne Franks

Katherine Hamnett




A E Housman.  Really, to wite A Shropshire Lad in the '90s was unbelievable. 

Zero - hmm, think was around for a while. Was very proud of a Ciro Citterio jacket that reckon was bought in about 93. 

Amanda de Cadenet

Ian Brown

Kevin Costner

Dan Quayle


What a bunch of absolute nobodies (except Housman).

Culturally, the early 90s was a desert.

shocked but notshocked to learn Escers went on a date with Slobodan Milosevic

Keep ‘em coming.

Norman Lamont.

“Zig & Zag”

The Ford concept cars from 1990? Great shout. Precursors of the Smart series.

I'm googling stuff that pops into my head but turns out I must have been quite impressionable in 1988..  was going to suggest Gaz Top and Yazz, but both were post-prime by early '90s.

So I'll go with:

any character from Viz at the time (early '90s was its heyday)

Good to see two members of the seminal 1992-93 Norwich City squad nominated already (Jeremy Goss by Coracle, Rob Newman by Judy).

I'll nominate another man with East Anglian footballing heritage - Dion Dublin.

Both on Brrrrap's point and in real life:  Basil Hume, Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. 

I always associate Roy Castle with the early 90s. I was a kid watching him on Record Breakers then before he died :(

Chris Evans

Kenny Everett

Terry Waite, John McCarthy, Brian Keenan


Pete Sampras

Shannon Doherty

Will Smith

Jennifer Aniston

Gillian Anderson

Patrick Stewart

Roseanne Barr

Mariah Carey

Alanis Morrissette


Laz - Judes was referring to the Mary Whitehouse Experience chap as well you kno

Marcus Stewart

Andre Agassi

Kazou Ishiguro

The Shamen