A thread just for chaps

To talk about chap stuff.  No girls allowed ta.

God, at last I can relax.

You have no idea have awful the last few decades have been since leaving school with girls everywhere.

Couple of pints please and let’s see if I can still burp the national anthem.

In my most comfy of enormously roomy boxers that I am wearing because this is a chap’s thread?

I doubt it.

I can wear such comfy undergarmentage confident in the knowledge that if one of the knackers pops out all I have to do is say *scotch egg anyone?*, there will be a laugh and we carry on with the important business of being chaps 

*pops on macc lads album for entertainment*

Usn't it offly nice to have a panis?

Usn't it frightfully gud to own a dong?

Ut's swell to have a stiffy - Ut's divine to have a dick

From the tiniest little tadger to the world's biggest prick (not 3 Dux)


So three churs for your willy or John Thomas

HOORAY for your one-eyed tryser snake

Your piece of pork, your wife's bust friend, your wully or your cock

Your can wrap it up in ribbons - you can slup it in your sock


But don't take it oyt in public or they wil put you in the dock

And you won't a-come a-back


God id forgotten that one.

I just thought in the interests of equality we should have a male only thread.  Despite repeated pitch invasions by Anna this is a place of solace for today’s busy roffer around town.

i am half way through building a new Lego creation. It'll be a multi-wheeled truck, haven't quite decided yet. With a case of beer to help the creative process

Wife leaves me alone, she knows I'm somewhat eccentric. The only interruption comes from the (female) cat who keeps jumping up on the table and moving the pieces.

I have been trying for weeks to get this one wheeled truck to work but it just looks ridiculous and keeps falling over. You might be on to something with this multi wheeled concept.

Technic Lego. There are a couple of ways to arrange the suspension on multi--wheelers.

No instructions, as ever with me, I just figure it out from scratch.

When its done I'll post it on my Lego pages.

No need to get in over your depth Goose.

*walks on thread confidently*

*realises no one else is wearing chaps*

*slowly backs out*

Chambo pls repost the link.  I will take a photo of my lad's latest freestyle lego.  also multi wheeled.


i’ll award goose a heh for his one wheeled truck

Do these buttless leather chaps make me look fat?

*buys kebab*

*is content that no-one is going to demand the best big of dogmeat out of the middle of it because they "just wanted to taste it"*

*Lets rip *

*awaits best post-flatulatory witticism*


I randomly joined a pride march recently.

There were so many burly men wearing bright orange sashes.

The drum and flute music was quite rousing and some of the men even wanted to phuck the pope.

Outrageous, but such fun.