A thread for general ranting

I am currently dealing with one of those conveyancing shops where they keep passing the file between staff so I've had two e-mails full of questions they already have the answers to because someone has just looked at the search results and asked question without seeing what they have already.  I shall resist the urge to respond sarcastically.

We had that issue.  It delayed our completion by over a month.  I wrote MJJ a complaint letter, which we will send now it's completed.  It lists 14 separate breaches of the SRA Handbook.  Including breaches of three undertakings.  The useless cunts.

I have suggested they check their file before asking anything else.

We don't want to get compo, we want the SRA to intervene and shut them down.  When you ask someone (the fourth person to whom your file has been passed) "are there any outstanding enquiries from the purchaser because we want to complete in a week's time" to be told "no", and then to find out that there are four outstanding, one of which could have been dealt with weeks ago when the same management company was contacted for something else, you don't want that happening to anyone else.

Ah, the joys of mortgages. I’m having fun with a Nationwide remortgage having been far too organised and applied too early. Was told offer expired end June. Called them well in advance and got them to confirm an extension for 45 days which just covers me. 

On original deadline day they sent letters to both us and the conveyancer saying the offer had expired. Called them up and told it was a problem that the system won’t cancel those letters but we definitely had a 45 day extension on file. Conveyancer wrote asking for confirmation and just had a letter back saying they can’t do an extension for more than 15 days... so now I get to write a snotty letter trying to get it all sorted out. 

The SRA arent going to shut anyone down you utter drama queen. 

Presumably youve already been told you're a massive time waster when you went through their internal complaints process. And so you've taken your sorry little power trip to level bellend.

In my opinion I think the SRA absolutely will get more and more involved and these firms do have to worry.


More significantly billions of pounds gets laundered through the UK and that means bad conveyancing firms ARE involved in Proceeds of Crime - its not a case of doing things properly just for the sake of it. 


If I was a conveyancing firm that didnt have a handle on what was going on I would be worried. 



Now you've reminded me of those firms where some form of paralegal deals with the bulk of the conveyancing and you think you've got everything under control and then they have to have their file reviewed which results in a raft of new questions at the 11th hour.

Are u sure letters before action to your new squeezem6 are the best way to get the nascent cohabiting off the ground?

Archlbald, I sincerely doubt there was any money laundering going on here.

Suspect it was more a case of the "conveyancing executive " breaching his "undertaking" to call at 2pm with an update and not actually phoning until five minutes past (shock, horror!)


??? yeah I get you - I am not suggesting that, I am just hypothesizing that a conveyancing firm that cannot keep a handle on a simple file is much more likely to be involved in money laundering 

I don't know Arch.  The other day I saw a title with a notice on it in relation to the purchase of an expensive flat by someone based in Moscow registered by a reasonably well known firm...



well I think its abouty £90 Billion that goes through the UK economy every year so in actuality it is probably responsible for a not insubstantial amount of the fee-income that is out there to be had 

???, no the undertakings were considerably more serious than that.  And you seem to be belittling a serious problem in the conveyancing world.  Having dealt with the SRA for me previous firm's risk committee, they will take matters of this nature extremely seriously and will absolutely shut firms down if they are repeatedly breaching professional conduct rules.  And I didn't say I had written a letter to the SRA.  I said I had written a complaint letter referencing the SRA Handbook.  You massive, chippy tool.

This is not of course you sailo, but this thread has reminded me of a guy I dealt with once who used references to the sra as some sort of negotiation tool.

Hopelessly out of his depth, he would ask for undertakings from me on the weirdest stuff (usually out of my control, such as that my client would reply to his within a certain time period) and then threaten me with the sra for NOT giving the undertaking.

He also threatened me with the sra when i suggested that we could have an all parties meeting in order to have a civilised discussion about what was becoming an increasingly heated matter. Cue a threat to report me to the sra for calling him uncivilised.

Curiously enough the sra never did come calling.

"this thread has reminded me of a guy I dealt with once who used references to the sra as some sort of negotiation tool."


Is his name "Badman" ?

The chap in question worked in one of London’s less fashionable outer suburbs in a mixed crime/immigration/conveyancing firm.

We were trying to buy a reasonably sized company off what I can only assume was one of his relatives (I can’t see how he got the gig otherwise as he clearly didn’t have a scooby).  

I am happy to confirm that it was not badders.

I do love the people who dabble in areas that they clearly have no experience of.  Recently had a talk a litigator through advising his client on a lease of a shop.

Shut it whilst the grownups are being satirical, you fucking massive gheylord.