Thoughts on legal know-how subscriptions (Practical Law, LexisPSL, Westlaw...)?

There's a survey going around at work asking for feedback as it's renewal time...

Traditionally I've always used Practical Law for everything, but heard LexisPSL is catching up and got lots of good materials from its bank expansion.

Any thoughts on this?

Westlaw is now sold together with PLC, isn't it? 

You need one "practical" resource and one with case law. I'd go for PLC and Westlaw. 

LexisPSL is indeed catching up to PLC but not a replacement yet. 

Plc unless you are doing something niche and know they don’t have precedents for you. 

I just got lexis nexis or a laugh. Seems as good as if not better than plc so far but depends on your practice area

Do any of you write stuff that I would read on Lexology?

I cut and paste PLC text every day and people still think I know what I'm doing. Would recommend.

Who remembers the encylopedia of forms and precedents - lease of a sports pavilion with shooting rights anyone?

I can still smell the dust caking those things in the firm library cam.

Anyone else remember updating the loose leaf folders as a trainee?

"Anyone else remember updating the loose leaf folders as a trainee?"

Had to do it on a vac scheme.

It almost made me quit the whole thing. Almost. 

I've written lots on Lexis PSL. Only some on Lexology though.

On the original question, I think Lexis PSL is catching up and I like the format with lots of links throughout to statutory references. People are creatures of habit though and I'm used to PLC... colleague who grew up with Lexis PSL and has now had PLC with us for a year still prefers Lexis in my practice area.

Dust?! On EFP? There was queue to use that in my day...

(Joking aside, the infotech revolution is interesting. Makes you realise how much power the editors of halsburys/ELR etc had. Citing "unpublished" stuff was racy to say the least. And then boom, it was all digital)

PLC is ace, does make me think how the fck people managed years ago, surely they couldnt verbatism a 150 page SPA?

At law college, we had a set of the All Englands, with 20 years of pencil noter-ups of cross-references/citations/notes.

It's interesting, I think what basically happened was that 99 times out of 100 everyone just stuck to the same authorities. But memory is an, erm, forgotten, art now, and it's amazing how much more stuff people could accurately remember even 40 years ago, because you had to.

I use Westlaw and Westlaw Books mostly.

Ilaw is useful for finding some cases that Westlaw don't cover.

Kluwer for wafty international arbitration shite.

lease of a sports pavilion with shooting rights anyone?

Heh. Licence for temporary occupation of a swing or set of swings in a playground. 

PLC is brilliant for practical guides, and Westlaw good for cases. I never really use LexisNexis so can’t really comment.

I heard PLC has a very aggressive pricing strategy. Heard from PSL.

We did a review recently and trialled westlaw, PLC, lexisnexis.  Settled for westlaw plus plc - for me, easily the winning option.

Having said that, when I got someone to look for a precedent recently - admittedly for something a bit obscure - there wasn't one.  Which left me feeling betrayed.

You mean when you guys charge me for all this shizzle really it’s just some PA downloading it from a website?????

I suspected but it’s still SHOCKING to have it confirmed 

PLC all the way

exactly wot Rex said

and re pricing, it’s insane for Comm/Corp use but found them fairly reasonable when I previously worked NFP sector

We still make trainees update loosleafs. It builds character. 

LexisPSL for me Clive. The property content is pretty good.

I use lexis. The search engine is better and the docs less prolix.