My thought is I have a tag heuer that I hate, but because it was a gift and I didn't know to keep the box or receipt... it's not worth just sits in a drawer.

Second thought is, why wear watches now?  The time is shown on your phone.

My thoughts are buy a watch which will hold its value.

Rolex, IWC, Panerai and upwards will all do this.  Tag and Omega won't.

I think it's truly hideous and anyone who bought it rather than a similar IWC is odd

I've got a classic looking rolex

wanted a second wrist piece. more sporty

I wouldn’t bother with a tag.  If you want a nice looking but cheap watch that will hold no value then get a citizen but other than that go for either another Rolex or an iwc both of which will retain value if you get bored and fancy a change.

What's wrong with Sekonda and Timex  I have a lovely Accurist I wear for work

Nothing wrong with any of these abs they just aren’t ego trip vanity brands. 

Nothing wrong with them at all Abbs.  I've got two Sekonda and a Timex.

Fair point Teclis

I don't wear my rolex daily and am looking for a new daily use watch

citizen might do it tbf -

Too busy for me IG. I prefer something a bit more plain and simple. 

wellers - I have a classic rolex

I purposely wanted it busier, sportier

I have two citizens for daily use, they look really nice and bling but I don’t care if anything bad happens because they are both sub £500 watches.

I wish I could repel the fear of war, famine and hunger by having two modest timepieces.

I used to have a Tag and it was a pain in the backside and would stop periodically and have to be sent off for servicing that took six weeks.  If I'd known I'd only be able to use 46 weeks a year I'd have got something else.  It now sits in a Rolex box in my flat ready to disappoint to a burglar.

If you want a sporty watch then get a proper sport watch.  I love my old G-Shock that has survived all the abuse thrown at it over the years.

yes, that's the idea.

link me to what the ones you've got.

I have a black G-Shock and it is awesome.  If you want to go a bit more bling check the solid silver and gold colour ones.

don't like g-shock

I had thought about a garmin but it's spenny for an every day watch (the one I would get it over £700) especially when I won't really use the fitness features.

You thought about a Garmin but not for the fitness features?  Are you mental?


So does the Tag you linked but it's four and a half fucking big ones

see, sometimes rof is helpful. I was v close to buying the watch I posted in the OP. I can confirm that I will no longer be buying the tag

You thought about a Garmin but not for the fitness features?  Are you mental?

well yes, actually I am

Sorry to hear that IG.  Do keep on coming here if things are getting on top of you and you have an urge to buy totally the wrong fucking watch.

Teclis I think that is the ugliest watch I have ever seen.

Usually found worn on an obese man called Bernard on a Ryanair flight to Benidorm.

Everyone has different tastes AP, I really like the first one and I'm not fat nor on my way to benidorrm.



Those are sporty busy jazzy looking to me.  I have a classic rolex too and it looks nothing like either of those lol.

Citizen do have a general range, just look, there's some more sporty stuff there but I don't really like artificial materials so I stick with metals.


You're going for that gucci one aren't you

I can tell.


it's four and a half fucking big ones


Aw, bless that one would call a grand a "big one"[/rof]

that's not bad wellers

not sure it's for every day use though

I have got exactly that watch Wellers but to my eternal shame my research in advance did not establish that it isn't fucking waterproof.  And cos I am such a spazz and forget to take it off I often don't wear it for fear of walking into the shower with it on.  Fucks sake.  That's why I got the Aquatimer (said I'd sell the Pilot, never did...)