Thinning hair - drastic steps.

Have been aware that my hair has been thinning on the top near the crown for about 3 years but kinda thought it was minor and have been using regaine to try and address this.

Caught a horrifying glimpse of my head at an unusual angle at the weekend - jesus its gotten bad.

Clearly I need to take more drastic action so have made an appointment with a hair loss clinic for explanatory chat.

Anyone got any stories to share about going down the surgical route?

Am 38 male BTW.  


Dude, you are more than your hair. 

Buzz cut all over. 

Women are not bothered about this stuff. In case that’s your worry. Otherwise, what Wang said.


So some many years ago, in the deep dark distance past when I wasn't perpetually single... my then partner and I lived together,  but we each had separate bathrooms.

One day I was desperately searching for something and I thought that  the maids may have put it away by accident in his bathroom.

So, for the first time in over 2 years I went into this bathroom and searched the cupboard. I found empty box, after empty box of something called Propecia which I then discovered is used to treat hair loss.

If you read the side effects of this medication they are pretty severe including birth defects .. and among other things it specifically states that you should not have sex without a condom as the drug is contained in the ejaculate and is very bad for the woman.

I had no idea he was even on this drug.. and he certainly hadn't been taking those precautions.





Just let the hair on the sides grow long, then comb it over to cover the top.

Let the sides grow long but use superglue to fashion the hair into twin points. If anyone gives you hassle impale them on your fashionable hairstyle. Consider dying it in bright reds, purples or deep orange to hide any blood stains.

toupee ?


I had an English teacher once who wore a toupee. we didn't laugh about it that much...

The weight off your shoulders when you finally walk out of the barber with a 2 all over is indescribable. 

I also had an English teacher who wore a toupe.

He was very old and had a bladder problem.  Every so often he would pause from eg discussing the phallic imagery in a streetcar named desire, his eyelids would flutter and a look of blissful relief would manifest on his visage.  His right hand  trouser pocket would swell as the weebag was filled.

he was rather unsurprisingly called professor weebag.

If this is vexing you, just see you how you feel in 2 years time when you are in your forties, old man.

I'm 40 something and my hair is thinning and my eyesight is getting worse again and I'm destroying my own teeth slowly and various bits just hurt periodically for no real reason but life is still good.

I have a luscious full head of thick hair and I’m a fair bit older than you.

In your position I would go full monk and style it out as being hipster.  Do it.

Male hair obsession again. I just do a number three crop every few weeks (myself). Don't really bother to wash it, just a rinse in the shower or out in the rain.

We don't all want to look like Hugh Grant or other Mr. Floppys.

Mate, if Jeff Bezos can't pay enough money to sort out his baldness properly, you'd better embrace yours.

Scylla, I believe the issue with that is for pregnant women. If you weren't pregnant at the time, I don't think you would have had anything to worry about 

Stru is correct. I was convinced all my hair was falling out ages ago and looked into all options, including that as there have been studies on women with androgenic alopecia. To cut a long story short, about 6/7 years later I still have a good mop of hair and didn't take any drugs so perhaps was getting a little carried away.

I went for a consultation at the Harley Street Hair Clinic (other hair clinics are available).

Had I known it was endorsed by Mr W Rooney I would have cancelled, but only discovering this after my arrival, I went ahead.

I actually received good advice "Nothing to worry about, carry on using the regaine, come back in many years".

Yes I'm a fanny but it was bothering me so why not get advice?

There’s nothing more laughable in a man than vanity.

Man up ffs. 

I noticed quite a few hairs coming out when I washed it, so took it as a sign to take an iron supplement, which has worked.  

“Can we talk about William?” Rob Lowe asked in an interview with The Telegraph. “I mean the future king of your country let himself lose his own hair! There's a f***ing pill for that!

He continued, “Honestly, one of the great traumatic experiences of my life was watching Prince William lose his hair.”

Stru...from the drugs side effects...

Women could be exposed to finasteride through contact with crushed or broken PROPECIA tablets or semen from a male partner taking PROPECIA.

Regardless of whether or not I was pregnant (or could have fallen pregnant unplanned) it is still completely unacceptable to expose someone to a drug with such potentially serious side effects without their knowledge or consent all for the sake of your own vanity.

Particularly not when there is a very easy work around. i.e. a condom.





While considering that question please be aware that the birth defects caused by this drug include male babies being born without any external genitalia.


Cue every male looking aghast and immediately removing this drug from their list.

Or Action Man but I think Ken would result in less abuse at school.

Instead of a toupee you could consider a kippah. Or a turban depending on the extent of the patch.

Every time you disrespect a woman you lose more hair and bald a year earlier