Thinking of getting a short, back and Turkey trim - thoughts?

I'm 43, fairly solidly bald, not just receeding (Norwod level 5/6 to those that know or maybe 7/8 out of 10 to those that don't. 

Midlife crisis? 

Results of those having FUE look great and the cost is chips really. 6-12 months and I'll be doing Pantene adverts I reckon.



Yes do it. I know someone who did and it looks good. If you were a woman you would definitely do this. 

I think what’s putting me off is having to explain to everyone I haven’t seen for 6-12 months why/how I’ve now got luscious locks, plus the looks on the plane on the way home covered in scabs! 

also, not convinced I am not having a midlife crisis… 

It's about hair implants.  Friend of mine had it done and he definitely has more hair than he had but it's still quite thin.