Things you’ve pretended to be interested in
a perfectly no… 14 Aug 19 17:53
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are there any things you find, or have found, yourself pretending to be interested in? Resending to either yourself or others, and for any reason.


- business

- politics

I have long feigned an interest in these things because they are what people around me talk about a lot. At times I have almost succeeded in persuading myself they are interesting.

Thankfully, although I was a lawyer for most of my adult life, I have never had to feign an interest in legal matters as most lawyers will gladly admit they’re dull as fuck.

It’s a pretty clear message: he sees what you have written and he’s off.

Probably “off home” but i’ll grant you he could have said where he’s off to.


- Ballet

- Football (oh, the endless horror of watching World Cup games on a big screen in a pub with a bunch of middle aged fat cunts talking sport)

- Pretty much all other sports, but not with the same intensity of hatred & loathing

- Dancing lessons (the tango nearly came to blows)

- Fashion

- Tax

- The real estate market


Amongst other things.

I pretend to be interested in what my wife did at work if i want some nookie.

So not every day like, that would be utterly insane.

Ballet! Why would anyone pretend to be interested in ballet?

To get into somebody's knickers, obviously, Laz.  Duh.

The real estate market is a good one. Provided I own or can afford to rent a place to live, who gives a shit?

Did you succeed in gaining entry to the tutu?

I feign an interest in golf solely with respect to my FIL.  He loves it.  He plays 5 times a week in his early 70s.  He is totally crap.*  He deliberately comes to stay when something like the masters is on so he can watch it on sky.  


*I say this as someone who is totally crap at golf but a rare one who realised that much time and money would need to be spent to be a bit less crap which in each case would mean less time watching telly or doing lego.

Gardening. A chore and I'd happily pave over the garden, but the missus etc...

Mr Woo feigned an interest in ballet. I managed to drag him to the ballet once. He never went again after he got his own key.

Mr Woo feigned an interest in ballet. I managed to drag him to the ballet once. He never went again after he got his own key.

Just going back to this:

”It’s a pretty clear message: he sees what you have written and he’s off.”

I suppose you’re right, that must be what he meant, but it’s quite an odd thing to post because in so doing, he actually delayed his own exit from the office by a short time without actually adding anything of value to the thread. You’d have thought he would only post on the thread if he actually intended to engage in discussion on it - rather than posting only to say he was “off” and, by implication, would not be posting further.

Ballet is, by any objective measure, totally wank.  The only saving grace is the not so scantily clad women but tbh anyone normal has dozed off before they come on stage.*

See also opera.

*not that sort.

Yes, I succeeded in pulling.  Not a ballerina though.  Dammit.


Darcy Bussell will be mine though. Oh yes.

I don't even pretend to like ballet, opera or the theatre.

I LOVE the ballet, theatre and opera. 

This makes me sad because it means that I am unlikely to get together with Chambo

I have harboured the biggest crush on Chambo for the longest time. 

If u have sex dreamed about chambo it totally devalues your sex dreams about me.  

Biggoted views of cab drivers or old people. "Mmmmm. A ha." 

to confirm, I have never sex dreamed about Chambo (he is elevated to a Michaelangelo-esque angel) but the only Roffer I have ever sex dreamed about was Wang. 

Lol wtf at this thread!? Is the game now ‘pick the most obscure thing that you can think of and see if someone will feign interest in it for the purpose of boning!?’

If that’s the game, then I play a:

‘Car exhausts’

’’Unusual diseases that sound made up’ 


‘Football teams that would be better at subbutteo than at football’

(these are all things people have talked in front of me about and sounded interested in)

mine is genuine. I really fancied this guy from NI who was really into Gaelic footie and I feigned a deep interest in the subject during an after party. 

Gaelic sports is my top one also

I don't understand at all

Saying ‘I’m off’ is odd for people who Rof on mobile because you take your mobile with you. But makes sense if you are roffing from a work computer and then go to have a real life.

Abbey is a gentlemen. Having read the OP, which asked a question, he felt obliged to give a reply

I feigned an interest in gymkhanas when I was eleven, in response to the demands of my sister’s obsession. Once I won more rosettes than her the pressure was off and I could drop my interest.  

It was a mistake. But I was only a child. I’ve never faked it since.

Yes, it impacted my career at some points. 

I have had sex dreams about a few roffers tbf but the only one I’ve had such a dream about that I haven’t shagged was wang

I've not shagged Wang either (dreams aside). 


I faked an interest in football until I was about 30. Then actually became interested. 


Hoolie - Did the dreams precede the sex or did they follow on from it?

Understandable then 

I've never had a sex dream about a fette 

1. Art

2. Rugby Union

Both are fine as it goes, but repeatedly feigning interest in the minutiae is tiring. 

i get excited by and am interested in just about everything i come across

i cannot think of a single thing which i am uninterested be right now. i’m sure there may be things, but nothing as yet

don’t get me wrong i find some things more interesting than others but in the absence of distractions i struggle not to be interested

I am actually going to use this in future if I meet someone at a party and think we might fall to fucking.

’hmmm, she’s laughing at my jokes...but then she’s only human muggerz, and you are very funny after all....’

’I have a coin collection at home. They’re not old or anything - it’s just I found them on the ground such as the pavement or a public loo - at meaningful moments in my life. Under each I have written a short poem. Would you like to see it one day?’


I have some sympathy with the Oracle’s last post - most things are interesting to some degree, and that even includes business and politics. It doesn’t include ballet tho.

Can’t think of anything that I’ve pretended to be interested in.

If something fails to engage me you can usually tell quite quickly.

My poor ability to disguise this is one of my very few flaws.  Or maybe it isn’t a flaw, maybe it is just honesty - which is a good thing, right?

Wot Strutter sed. I am too transparent to feign interest in anything.

Not really Abbey.

your post was the most enlightening as it turned out

Opera. The stuff that turns up on the Best of Opera compilations is ok but the rest of it...well there’s a reason it doesn’t turn up on the Best of Opera compilations. 


Wagner - except for 1 minute in every 4 hours