Things you used to want but don’t anymore

A road bike costing about seven grand.

Just stuff generally, really.

I'd still like an original Fender Jazzmaster or Jaguar, even though I barely play any more.

Other than that: meh. Used to like accumulating things. Can't be bothered now.

Except star wars lego. Obviously.

I want a road bike costing about $4-5k. So maybe £2.5-3k. I think you can get a very good bike in that price range. Above that gains are too marginal for someone who could comfortably shed 15kg

A BMW 507. 

such   a beautiful car but I think it would  be money down the drain when we soon won't be able to buy petrol any more.

Phoebs.. I am marginally disappointed that you suggested I try Lawyr and it seems like a graveyard.

More watches.  Only use my Apple Watch now, and have flogged my others apart from my Subbie which I wear very infrequently.  I used to covet expanding my collection but now not arsed.

To live in an old house in the countryside in Scotland. Fvck driving everywhere and dealing with damp and cold weather 350 days a year. 

Sorry FTA, I am employed by P&M to drive traffic to the site

You were successful.  There is yet another man on there now.

Problem with expensive bikes is that you price yourself out of using it.  I would be terrified of riding a £10k road bike on account of:

  • if I got overtaken by someone on a shit bike I would look like a [email protected]
  • if I wrote off the bike in a crash I would feel like a [email protected]
  • the insurance on road bikes really jumps up once you get over about £2.5k so I would be scared to use it / resent insuring it
  • I am about 20kg too heavy to warrant the flashy bike. 

I think the marginal gains on a road bike are from about £4k onwards assuming you are in excellent shape.  Prior to that price point you are sacrificing a little bit on something (e.g. group set, frame, wheels).

Badman used to want to have 8 inches but is now happy with what he's got then.

I keep looking at the canyon speedmax.  Probably used so it will come with Di2.


sorry so it will come with Di2 and be less than 4500

you have to be satisfied with wendy richards instead

A £2,500 bike that fits properly will be much better than a £5k one that doesn't.



Wendy james has not aged all that well I would say.

She’s certainly no Jenny Powell. 

Big bazooka boobs. 

The pointless fetish of those big bazooka 'uns have paved the way to the more workable and manageable C to D cups (maybe if pushed DD). There is a distinct joy of being in the company of those.


Also - a snazzy vroom car. Now it is all about reliability, longevity and comfort.



I think the comment he wanted to make was 


let us be the judge of that 

One can appreciate without ownership, and vice versa.

And of course there are DDs and DDs

Quite elffi. 

the variation within those letters can be quite confusing. 

I love the fact that there are a few cyclists on here who seem to be having an entirely different and separate conversation than the rest. As it should be!

I'm about to sell my way too expensive bike which I never should have bought for all of the reasons expressed above. 

A 3some with Alicia Silverstone and the singer from Republica.