Things that you irrationally but vehemently judge in a person

For me it's those nose rings that go across the septum like a bullring

Like the shouting nazi woman had

Hate those things wtf are you thinking 

OK, just as a starter:

Slow walkers

People who don't take their rucksack off on the tube

People who wear crocs

Couples who hold hands as they’re waking along the pavement and don’t give way to someone who is -clearly fucking disabled- to be able to pass them virtually forcing disabled person to either stand and bodycheck one of them or have to step into the road.  Wankers.

Oh are you disabled now?  You should have mentioned it in every single post for a fortnight.

Oh, hang on

People with a lisp.  It musn't be their fault but I just think, "move your fucking tongue back a bit you twat"

People who pull onto a petrol forecourt and lurk three inches over the drop kerb, causing a traffic jam on the street outside in seconds. 

Pick a fucking pump, line up and wait. You can even try one on the other side from your petrol cap. It will reach! Try it 

people who but scratch cards and ten hold the queue up by scratching them all off and then buyimg loads more. people who buy a weeks household shop in little waitrose or tescos express.


people in the shops sat in a queue for ages and when thet arrive at the till they rummage about for ages trying to find their cash and cards, and then present dozens of discount vouchers that need to be scanned

People who try to discourage folk from sitting near them on busy trains by putting their bags on the seat next to them. Disembowelment should be the punishment for that.

I think that's fine provided they move it when asked

The ‘one’ refers to a bag placed on an empty seat, yes?

The last time I didn't do it was on a Thameslink and a giant fat man crushed into my seat and farted for the entire journey. So fuckit if others want to invite him to sit next to them first I say have at it.

1. People who don't say thank you when you give way to them etc

2. Bad lane discipline when driving (I have had a fun commute this morning)

3. Agree re septum rings. I do subconsciously judge people with tattoos even though I want to be quite laid back about it and "whatever you want to do with your body" etc, but I think they look naff af

4. People who wear leggings that are inadvertently quite transparent over the butt

5. Those stupid sharpie eyebrows and overly contoured/made up faces. Looks ridiculously clownlike.

6. My sister-in-law's inability to see what a fcking tip her house is, it's hideous.

7. People who "haven't read a book in years" and seem quite proud of that (I discount a lot parents of young children from this because I appreciate you don't have time).

I'll think of more. RAGE WID ME.

I agree with all of those except 6 because mine is definitely worse :D

I can't tidy it's a medical condition

People who try to pay for the tube with their phone / watch.

Its a fucking stupid idea.  You hold everybody else up.  At least today's fuckwit in front got out of the way (twice at least) while he fiddled with his phone.

An Oyster with auto top up is just faster and easier than the alternatives, I think it is a shame they are so actively trying to push everyone to contactless when its clearly a worse option.

Wanna bet, Clergs? Just the thought of how unhygienic the kitchen is and how much random crap they have everywhere - yuck. She doesn't work full time either. WTF is she doing all day?!

People who...


No.  Just people.  In general.

Why is contactless a worse option than oyster with auto top up?

People with those stupid holes in their ear lobes.  When they go out of fashion they are going to end up with nasty flappy flacid bits of skin at the side of their head.

people who act surprised when asked to pay  at a check out and start hunting around for change and or cards when they could have done that while  spending 5 minutes waiting in the fucking queue.

Nexis - its slower (albeit marginally) and introduces the risk of card clash.  Plus it jams your statement up with TFL transactions.

Yes its one more piece of plastic to carry but it is genuinely a better solution (albeit I suspect it costs TFL quite a lot for the technology).

"7. People who "haven't read a book in years" and seem quite proud of that"

Why would this be a problem for anyone?

She did ask for irrational judgements. Why would I care? I just do, ok?

Announcing that they are open minded and progressive, while simultaneously opining that anyone who voted for Trump or Brexit is a racist bigot

Dux - I presume it's the telling everyone about it at any and all given opportunities like it's some badge of honour rather than the fact itself.

See also:

- not owning a television

- coming from Yorkshire

- being gluten intolerant / having an allergy (in this case outwith situations where they need to inform someone providing them with food of said condition, obv)


Wot everyone said about people who aren’t prepared when they get to the front of a queue / tube barrier etc. 

People who have loud mobile phone conversations on trains and other confined spaces.

Try-hard virtue signallers. If you're aggressively woke, vegan and have a trans-disabled SO that’s great for you, but if your happiness is a function of reminding the whole fucking world every 5 minutes then not so much.  

Chelsea supporters

Being welsh, ofc 

i think that’s it at the moment. 


People who fail to anticipate for airport security screening, even when they've queued for twenty minutes watching others fail to anticipate.

People who publically and aggressively argue with traffic wardens.  Just contest the ticket.

Parents who bring nothing to entertain their children whilst travelling or in a restaurant, then berate (or ignore) their child when they get bored and act up.

Horrific prejudices.  What happened to equal-opportunity grumpiness ?

You can judge everything, all of the time.  

People who think other people are "dicks"


I tend to believe that there are probably really very few actual "dicks" in the world and thinking other people are "dicks" too easily suggests a lack of empathy/EI