Things you are grateful for

- A partner I'm genuinely delighted to hang out with 24/7

- A pair of excellent cats who are great company

- Moments of no physical pain

- Enough money to buy food

What about you?

Good health

A large library 

A large music library

A fertile imagination 

I have all of those apart from the cats but I think they are pretty basic expectations in this world and am not grateful for them particularly.

I am grateful for freedom. And would guard it with violence if necessary.

A mad family I love and fantastic friends who I also love

A job I genuinely enjoy with amazing people who are like a second family

Enough money to be able to afford the things I need and some things I just want.

General good health

The local shop currently still sells wine.

Mrs Avi (who underwent fcukoff surgery just before Christmas)

Great Little Avis (eldest is 31, youngest 19)

The three dogs (one of which is on last legs but to her credit closed a dual carriageway retrieving a runner just before she was retired a few years ago now).

A small circle of close friends

A collection of wine

An interesting job having retired






My dog. Loves me unconditionally and follows me around adoring me. He is visibly delighted that I am around more and can not wait to curl up under my home desk each morning with me.

Having a Steam account and recently upgraded my graphics card and monitor.

If that's what you are most grateful for in life, then I am so sorry, and I hope everything gets better soon x

Time. To now be able to do all the creative things I always wanted to do but didn't' have it running the money treadmill.

Wife, kids, good health etc. as well of course.

Never take a largely pain-free, loved and fed life for granted Clergs. And everything is improved by Russian Blues.


Not nice Merkz, you Texan fake Geordie.

How are your old folks doing by the way ? Some recent health issues I remember..

Hope all well.

They are ok Chambo ... my dad is out of hospital and doing pretty well. My mum is still in the ‘memory care’ facility, which is the best place for her and where she will stay. She isn’t super happy about it some of the time but the situation at home wasn’t sustainable and it’s better that she is getting the care she needs without my dad ending up exhausted. Unfortunately he can’t visit atm because of the vuvu, but they FaceTime most days.

I imagine tits are more exciting for more blokes than women to be honest. 

My point was you can use tits more than a cock to make life easier.  But I think I misunderstood your original post. It's been a long, lonely week.

Tits are gr8, but you can’t use them to write your name in the snow with wee

Stix m99 when we meet for that pint I’ll tell you a gr8 story about my Mrs pissing off the stern of a boat

Fck that merkx I want to hear that story right here right now

Wife and kids are healthy

Fairly isolated anyway living in the country so not a massive shock

Good friends around us to keep us sane

Probably won't lose my job so will be able to feed us all

sorry to hear it didn't work out between you and reggie but at least you got to keep the cats

My pets - Bert, Farch, Peter, Leo, Slinky and Hector

Netflix, BBC iplayer, Amazon Prime and Disney plus

The huge book collection I have that that's been swamping my house and I've been meaning to get rid of but am now glad I have

My home bar "anyone for a cocktail?"


No commute - got half my day back

Being able to lie in on a work day - I've never had such quality sleep

All the usual stuff and also not having upgraded houses last year.