Things which will be dirt cheap after the vuvu madness dies down

1. Cars

2. .....

Cars definitely.  Especially nearly new or ex demonstrator models that are losing money hand over fist. 

Loads of people will be cancelling or deferring big capital purchases.  

i was close getting a new car just before the vuvu, glad i didn't, can save about £6k now, 

which is nice 

home gym equipment

high street rents

No one* will actually have any money so ...

* other than Russian billionaires 




( Eating out will be more expensive I guess there will be a huge demand and places will take the piss)

Office space.  Not only because of firms that may have gone bust or be cutting costs, but the dawning realisation that working in an office was for many employees never necessary, especially now following the massive investment to facilitate working from home.

I expect to see a huge boom in conversions to inner-city flats.  The City in particular is going to transform, and in a really good way.  

I wonder whether there will just be fewer cars on the road full stop due to:  

lost jobs / cannot afford hire purchase / a more long term trend towards remote working;

uncertain return to school dates;

two car pensioner households passing their wonderful vehicles on in their will;

ongoing manufacturing sector massacre / the diesel and not -ready-for-electric cars debacle;

& Greta wetting her knickers about the stats coming out of the lockdown period showing marked reduced global pollution [because of less vehicles on the road]  and banging her drum on that etc 

but obviously not because public transport has caught up of course.

homes won’t be significantly cheaper

hairdressers (especially mobile) will make a killing

as will mobile beauticians should the yummy mummy set still have funds but the salons cannot yet open.

and in person fitness classes

Joe Wicks only has a certain shelf life

5% plus is significant to my mind, and as those who have been made redundant, of which there will be millions , then banks will foreclose, and there will be any number of distressed sellers seeking to take whatever equity they have, so they can fund month to month expenses.


all the chain restaurants will have offers on. 

im not sure hairdressers will - i think lots of people will have dyed their own hair or successfully cut their children’s etc. 

Wibble, you were only going to spend £6k on a car?


Do you h4 your family?

hairdressers will enjoy a boom like nothing they have ever known fgs, although only for so long as it takes everyone in the god damn country to get the haircut they've been waiting for for weeks

just because people will learn to cut their own hair doesn't mean they're going to want to do it when they don't have to

Bread makers.

Extra freezers (you know those small 45L ones, seems all my meits bought one)

Clothing made in Asia, because those factories are absolutely fucked right now.

-Clothing etc as shops will need to shift stock  

- Plants and garden centre stuff 

- computers (because everyone who wanted one or needed one got one)




Jet Skis 




Hoarse Boxes

Retirement Gnomes