Things I have in common with Jeremy Corbyn

Apparently a new biography will reveal that he also likes to eat cold baked beans straight from the can.  Not sure this says much about our respective political views but clearly we both like a tasty snack with minimum fuss and effort.

I sat down on the floor on a train once.

I was really p1ssed and it was all in an effort to pull the person I was with who was also sitting rather than the Leader of the Labour Party though.

My journey went better than Jeremy's.


1. Any excuse to wear a red rose in his buttonhole

2. Wants to renationalise the railways

3. Voted Brexit

4. Likes his cricket

5. Thinks May is a buffoon 

4 and 5 are not specific to Corbyn. You may as well have included “breathes”.

4 is quite specific. 

Admittedly 3 is common to over 50% of the population and 5 to about 99%. 

3 is not common to over 50% of the population

70 million people / 17 million brexit votes = 24% of the population

I thought this was going to read "I'm never going to be Prime Minister either".  A lost opportunity.

It's a factoid from this hatchet job that's been serialized in the Heil, non?

Anyone put in a preorder?


There are some snippets from it in the Times as well.

Slightly off topic but his second wife looks stunning in the photo in the Times.

what a moaner tho

"oh I made him a five course meal and he didnt say thank you even though he would have been just as happy with beans"

I too like cold BBs from the can, but only Heinz - Clergs have you factored in that JC eats TESCO BBs (maybe even "Value" FGS!) from the can?

Wonder if he also like fried spam + egg or Cheese Smash inside a Fray Bentos S&K pie in a tin?

(i.e., cook pie in oven, lift pastry, spoon in smash, replace pastry). 

Cold beans and sausages from the can is the food of kings. 

Sugs he's vegetarian so won't be eating any of those things unless you're Fidel Castro in which case he'll eat anything you serve him.

Kimmy add a bit of Tabasco and they are lush.  When heating beans you should add a knob of butter to make them a little richer.

Eating from a can is the preserve of sex perverts and tramps. 

Heinz beanz aren’t even vegetarian, unless he eats the suitable for veggies variety

1. Male

2. Caucasian 

3. British

4. Straight 


I think that’s it.


They used to serve cold baked beans at the salad counter when I worked in amazingstoke.  who the fck puts cold beans on salad.  

Who eats baked beans full stop after the age of 12? 


Has to be something wrong with the second wife

A stunner like that wouldn't normally end up with a jerk like Corbyn