Things I don't understand and never will

The appeal of Bon Jovi's music. 

Why people are bothered about UK politics, given nothing really radical will change.

Actually I do know, they're not. Apart from the political commentators in the media (and they're not really bothered either).

TBS is spot on about Seinfeld. It's as funny as Oracle.

Bon Jovi, though...

Admittedly, some of the stuff from Bed Of Roses onwards was a bit naff and forced, and felt like they were just in it for the money, but come on: Bad Medicine, Living on a Prayer and, dare I say it, Blaze Of Glory are epic testaments to the human spirit. 

(although technically Blazy Of Glory is Jon Bon Jovi, rather than just Bon Jovi)

And at least they're not bl**dy Aerosmith. Dull, dull, dull.

(on a similar note, I'll add "the appeal of ACDC" to the list, please. I do not understand how anyone can derive pleasure from listening to that voice).

y rightwhingers believe themselves “sceptical”, when it’s blatantly obvious 2 every1 else that they r either gullible conspiracy theorists or useful idiots 4 sinister control freaks

How people can be massively exercised by the war in Gaza but not all of the other wars and other human catastrophes around the world, and be annoyed at others for not being concerned about just one of them.

Stupidity. Impossible to begin to fathom what life must be like living in a stupid person’s mind. Presumably lots of colours and shapes but a sparse internal dialogue. 

Second vote for AC/DC. Lots of shouting.

Seinfeld is a nut I have yet to crack. It’s certainly no Curb.

Watches. If you want an expensive bracelet buy an expensive bracelet. If you want to know the time look at your phone. 

Ps none of these things are hard to understand you hyperbolists

You might not know the detailed background but you can make an outline explanation 

Something hard to understand - the self. How we perceive ourselves to exist then one day snuffed out.

How some leftwingers believe themselves to be “rebels” fighting against “the system” when literally almost every major political party, and definitely all major mass media outlets, constantly shill for and promote their exact worldview.

Anyone who doesn't find Seinfeld funny is a wrong'un. Best comedian of the late 20th century. 

I know it takes all sorts, but this is so wildly wrong I don't even know where to begin.

Not even Larry David's best show.

What the freaky shag hornet said. Seinfeld is seriously unfunny and without Larry David, Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus none of us would have ever heard of him. 

Comedians in cars getting coffee was his level.