Theroux meets sex workers

Anyone see this?

Interestingly nuanced approach to the subject,  I know it is Theroux' schtick to look awkward and non-plussed but in this case it seemed he genuinely didn't know what to think or say most of the the time

I enjoyed it. I thought he looked more sad than awkward a lot of the time.

I agree, especially when dealing with the young woman who had been abused and obviously had deep psychological problems, although he was clearly in a quandary as to whether to advise her to stop.  I had in mind in particular the middle aged couple where the wife was a sex worker who seemed to throw him completely.

That was just very strange. I know it takes different strokes etc but what does the man get out of that?

What did I found interesting was that none of the women went to it without some serious baggage around sex.   It would have been interesting for the programme to find a well balanced woman who simply chose to make money out of sex as it was a well paid job they did not find too objectionable and did not have any emotional issues with it.  Is it the case that such women don't exist or that they don't make interesting TV?   Not sure.

I think it is the latter. I imagine those people exist (albeit in the minority). I do think that Theroux often has an agenda before he starts, so the researchers find candidates that will tell the story he wanted to tell. His polygamy one concentrated strongly on the partner who pretended not to mind that their husband/wife wanted to shag other people.

It was good but sad.

Don't understand why any of those women would agree to take part though, especially the one with four kids.

And what Guy said

Looking forward to watching.

My favourite of his is the Eugene Terrenlanche one

Of course really the debate has to move past whether prostitution is a bad thing.  It has always existed and always will exist, the real question is how can society ensure it takes place in such a way to cause the least harm and risk to those practicing it.

I have yet to see a documentary or expose that features not just female sex workers but also male ones, straight or gay. By limiting the subjects to women, no matter how "balanced" or "nuanced" the filmmaker/interviewer tries to be, the topic of prostitution is always going to be filtered through the lens of gender/sex. At the risk of engaging in my own sexist stereotyping, I would imagine it is easier to find a male sex worker who wasn't molested as a child, had no identifiable baggage/hangups and just thought it was an easy way to earn a few bucks. But that would probably make prostitution as a topic itself much less interesting ...

Valid point PP, but the theme of this documentary centred around female prostitutes attitude to sex.  I think male prostitution is an entirely different beast because male sexuality is so different and should probably be considered separately.

Murder has and will always exist. Rules exist to minimise harm. I do not believe there exists a non fucked up prostitute, it's a horrendous way to make a living (I don't think men appreciate how disgusting it is to have sex with a man you don't find attractive).

"Murder has and will always exist. Rules exist to minimise harm. I do not believe there exists a non fucked up prostitute, it's a horrendous way to make a living (I don't think men appreciate how disgusting it is to have sex with a man you don't find attractive)."

What a ludicrous analogy - murder is not consensual.   However fvcked up you may think prostitution is presumably for the women involved the alternative is worse.    Effectively prevent prostitution and they have left with the alternative.     Beyond that you cannot prevent prostitution so outlawing it just means it is underground unregulated and less safe.

Around the world people blind and main themselves and their children to create more effective begging prospects. "Better than the alternative" is nonsense

And it is never safe because men who use prostitutes are pieces of shit who think the people they are buying belong to them and have lower status than a toilet.

Rhamnousia15 Jan 20 14:34

I don't think men appreciate how disgusting it is to have sex with a man you don't find attractive


Think they do. Pretty sure plenty of men have had sex with women they don't find attractive.

You just proved my point. Women don't do that without extreme circumstances because it's disgusting. Men do it out of choice then laugh about it as though they are superior in some way rather than revolting victims of their own base libidos. Men PAY women they "don't find attractive" for sex.

"Women don't do that without extreme circumstances "




This is so very very far from reality. 

Women sleep with men they find unattractive every day for many reasons. 

money, pity, drunk, because, boredom, happy, sad, bit meh, revenge, curiosity, car, job, bigdick, little dick, cardboard box


Wibble, women don't pay guys with no teeth for sex. The same cannot be said for men.

I don't think that's right. I can only speak for myself, but that's not something I have ever done, although I know plenty of men who have. I also know women who have slept with men they don't fancy in circumstances that I wouldn't describe as extreme.

For the avoidance of doubt, I do think you are right about the teeth point.

Pretty woman is insane I can't fathom all the people who say it's their favourite movie it's horrific but just a reminder that you can fantasise about something you would never ever want to do in reality.

We never saw Julia Roberts in a&e getting her perineum stitched, yknow.

 (I don't think men appreciate how disgusting it is to have sex with a man you don't find attractive)

how do you know how women feel in this situation,  have you done it?

if so, why?


They glossed over it in Pretty Woman by ensuring that it was her first trick didn't they? Shite film.

women do not pay men for sex in the same way - this is true. 

But then if I had tits neither would I 


only with your mum, and she only charges 50p So I don't count it. 




Why would she get her perineum stitched?

you've lost me there

is this the gerbils rumour? Gere will sue u know

that does not help.  well, maybe a tiny bit.  Which is how she described your cock, over the oujia.

There’s generally not enough ‘your mum’ on rof these days.

The tone has got terribly highbrow.

Clergs you are making truly breathtaking generalisations about both men and women seemingly based simply on your own view of when people ought to have sex and for what reasons.

I don't think Clergs does the sex. 


I did chuckle at  ‘big dick, little dick, cardboard box’

I think she does the sex, but hates every moment of it.

Which is why she is secretly so keen on the idea of getting it on with me.

the other day a person referred to wanking - "getting the devils out". 

I think they may be a serial killer now. 



your mother cuts socks in hell, Karas...


Obvs completely agree with clergs especially re Pretty woman, the only film I hate more than love actually 

overdue another hate watch