Thanks to being awoken by shagging cats in the garden

4am found me watching 2 movie trailers that in my altered state of consciousness I was not entirely sure were real 

morning light tells they were. Cats looks um terrifying


top gun 2 looks like a frame by frame reshoot of the original but I'm probably ok with that (although would just like to see original on a cinema screen tbh)

Agreed re Top Gun 2, but I will still watch it and no doubt will love the reminiscence of youth that comes with.

Cats does indeed look terrifying. If you'll excuse the random comparison, I suspect much like subtitles you will get used to the oddness of it fairly quickly. The music will carry it anyway.

My facebook feed seems to be full of people reposting the Top Gun trailer. Some of the footage is actually from the original which may be some of the confusion.

Is it?  I thought that (is that wolfman spinning the ball?) but there does seem to be a Kelly McGillis style clever-hot type woman love interest and lots of macho posturing intercut with motorbikes and barrel rolling planes. 


(Pls can this thread not descend into why isn't nelly mcgillis hot anymore chz)




Taylor Swift as a cat. I think I've just become a Furry, or whatever they're called.


Back in 5.

Just googled the Cats trailer. Holy crap that is creepy.


Top Gun I am excited about but know it will be total ballz.

I watched the top gun 2 trailer last night. Cant wait, although my initial view is that Maverick has lost his confidence/swagger. That just looked like a generic Tom Cruise character

It is ridiculous how hot maverick was and I stand by that 100% despite Tom cruise being epically weird now 

I like how they're reviving the volleyball scene for the new one.

TG is probably my favourite film but TC had shocking teeth in that. I'm sure he has looked better in other films?! Kelly McGillis gave me the horn though

Ladies I'm sure there will be some hot young pilot trying to dethrone Maverick.

Ok, have watched the Cats trailer a few more times. It's creepy and weird and I am definitely going to go and see it.

I have no interest in younglings it's creepy and weird 

I actually really fancied viper in the original 

(Pls can this thread not descend into why isn't nelly mcgillis hot anymore chz)

She's merely aged. Don't be so sniffy.

Young Kelly

Kelly old

I *do* like a man with facial hair it is true ML 

I am woken most mornings to the sound of rabbit death screeches as cats or foxes kill them. They are heartwrenching

Doggers, we've had to shut the cats downstairs because we kept being woken up by one or both(!) bringing in half dead (or fully dead) wildlife and doing either a "I've got something!" growl or that weird musical mewing in triumph. Not adorable at 3am (or any time really).

This morning was blood and feathers, so a bird of some description. Yesterday was a solitary organ of some sort (heart or stomach, couldn't tell). The other day was just a mouse foot.

It's like coming in at the end of a particularly gory biology lesson.

You don't like that moment as you stir during the night and realise that the crunching sound coming from the corner of the room is a rabbit's skull being chewed on?  I just go back to sleep.

I thank you all for this anti cat ownership ammunition. 

Did anyone else always find Tom C a bit creepy despite him being the supposed swoon worthy "love interest" in these films - Top Gun, Cocktail etc?? I always found something a bit off about him

Yes but in top gun he's perfect because maverick is a tiny bit of an arsehole and the film knows it. Ditto his character in cocktail actually 

I remember a Jon Stewart interview with Matthew Modine where the latter said he turned down the Top Gun role that went to Tom Cruise because he found the film too much like Reaganite propaganda.

There is a new His Dark Materials trailer out today also (tv prog not a film). Looks good. 

Its basically a navy recruitment film. Recruitment rocketed after the first film came out 

Val Kilmer looked like every jerk you wanted to punch at school  

I'd like to say it isn't true, but there is a fair amount of epic bellendery around fast jet pilots in real life.

I never fancied him dspite his looks/ perfect male lead characters. Christian Slater in Robin Hood was more swoonsome