Terrible accident but



at the end of the day the man was a muppet

Wasn’t this part of a ‘Young Ones’ episode that ended with Vyv kicking his head down the track?

Hah! I was about to type the same thing.  I think it was the University Challenge episode?

Happened to Vyv soon after he went to block the train loo with bog roll, iirc.

This chap in the story, there were pictures on his Facebook of him regularly leaning out of trains for selfies, weren't there?

I'm amazed they pleaded guilty.  The guy worked on the railways and had also been a volunteer on a heritage railway so should clearly have known the danger of sticking his head out of the window.

When they had the hold trains on my local line where you had to drop the window to use the outside handle to open the door I'd never put any part of me out of the window until we were coming alongside the platform.

Featuring of course one of the first appearances of fry, laurie and thompson as members of the Footlights College team (along with little benji Elton)

Sails - I think there is no alternative but to plead guilty, as it was in breach of H&S rules, regardless of how experienced or otherwise the passenger was.

The warning stickers were cluttered by other notices, doggers probably knows the exact rules but I’m sure there’s something about prominence and clear warning notices being a requirement.

Breach of H&S rules is strict liability, and takes no account of moronic behaviour.  You have either complied or you haven't. 


In other news:  new job opening for an engineer at Hitachi Europe.   Based in Bristol.  Attractive benefits package.  Definitely an opportunity to lose your head about.

Do you need a sticker even if it's just common sense?  Next there will be a sign in my car warning me not to put my head out of the window whilst driving.

Sails - exactly.  But H&S law takes no account of common sense.  Which is a great pity.

Strutz were u the only one on that footlights team who never got a speaking part?