The Tennis

Good game. I’ve had to go dual screen to watch this and the cricket.

im a bit uncomfortable with the partisan crowd. I suspect it’s because Djokovic is a bit “eastern” for many of those attending.

No, it’s cos he’s a grumpy sulky bloke who lacks Fed’s charm...

Yeh course it is, definitely not because he looks and sounds like the man who comes to do the windows.

Bit of an odd game, Federer has consistently played the better tennis, with Djokovic raising his game at vital moments.

This is actual tennis - not a 56 minute joke game of pit a pat.

Carries himself like a gentleman 

Not a type you'd meet round the Bristol dock area 

Amazing. Put's the other final into perspective.


Given Bernstein is being a bit of a ladypart I’m going to have to deduct some points for that as well. 

Suggestions pls

Usual serve and volley cr*p

Women's final much better

It's horrible how the crowd aren't supporting djok 

I need to go and check my tyre pressure. Is this match going to last ten minutes or another hour?

Djokovic is a huge druggie, that's partly why he's never a crowd favourite 

He's won it five times how can his face not fit?

urgh I don't get the federer love in I really don't 

I don't  get the love in with Federer , he is smarmy, smug and disengenious.There is a compilation of he treats people, officials and fans doing the round when he is off camera

You going to the Bristol  women's summer drop in drinks, Hools?

Would you stop asking me that you complete weirdo. One, no. Two, you're not a woman. Three, the likelihood of me telling you anywhere that I am likely to be is pretty fucking remote. You stalky fucking freak. 

Bernstein, this has become really out of hand and properly fucking weird.  Coming from me, and I have a pretty decent nutter threshold, you may want to reconsider this oddball line of questioning about someone’s real life identity.  If they want you to know, they will tell you.  It seems linda does not, so knock it off eh.

Thought I might try out my new self identification as trans woman an outing

See whether it works 


Bernstein, I did the trans woman thing months ago, get something original going on.

Gf getting a bit stressed out now

Wanted Federer to win

Tecco, maybe you and me should both try and crash this women's drop in thing

Gf laughing now at Federers joke.

The kick you seem to get from this creep act you've been running on here for years is genuinely tragic. 


Now she wants to watch the women's doubles

I need a beer  

I’m weird enough on my own thanks, I don’t need a comedy sidekick.

It went on a bit and I gave up at six all in the final set and went to paint a staircase.

Federer is just Swiss...