The Ten Hag revolution has begun...
Transdimension… 12 Jul 22 15:53
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Liverpool swatted aside (in a Thai pre-season friendly).

Maddest preseason was when Rooney and Gerrard both got red carded in final preseason game and Rooney got a 2 match league ban while Stevie Me got nothing. Classic FA.

Hope CR is used as an impact sub more often than not this year, and if he doesn't like it, door.

Martial, Rashford, Sancho is a rapid forward line, if ETH can get those 3 humming (for longer than half a season) & compliment with an Antony type, we're on the right track.

Maddest preseason was when Rooney and Gerrard both got red carded in final preseason game and Rooney got a 2 match league ban while Stevie Me got nothing. Classic FA.


Rooney & Scholes I think, I was there, it was the Amsterdam tournament with Porto, Ajax & Inter, iirc.

Davos will be along to explain it soon, I'm sure.

I'm quite excited at the prospect of Antony though, big fee obviously but I like what limited bits I've seen of him. Seems a character too, he sounds well up for the challenge.

A proper striker is badly needed though, imo. Can't really rely on Martial at the best of times, but if he gets laid up for an extended period, we're properly screwed. Isak would've been nice. Osihmen from Napoli, with Ronaldo going the other way, has been mentioned too.

100 mil. Lol.

Citeh fans really don't understand football finances do they. Probably a good thing after dropping 320m on Haaland. 

Another terrible window for United. An absolute shambles of a club. What appears to have happened is the glazers couldn't sign any of the players ETH wanted and ETH realised the football structure at United is not existent and useless. Something anyone who knows anything about football has been saying for a decade. So then he was forced to sign players he knew and pay premium for them. 

Unfortunately this means United haven't reinforced like they so desperately needed and all the clubs they are trying to compete with have, massively. 

A terrible window to compliment 20 terrible windows. 

Shouldn't be surprising given what we know about the glazers but there you go, it's the hope that kills you.

If United can get a keeper, RB and striker in by Thursday then could be a 5/10 window 

Unfortunately this should have all been done months ago, not when the season had started 


So with the 5ft 6 CB from Ajax that’s a quarter of a billion spaffed by the glazers on 3 players in this window.

They’ve extended their lead as the most expensively assembled team in football history.

Shouldn’t they be banned? Let the tourists all schlepp off back to Chelsea.

Tell you what ETH has bought well, from what I can tell so far, is some character into the side.

The team had no real leaders (bar an ageing CR7)/no charisma whatsoever last season, Martinez, Casemiro, Antony, Malacia & Eriksen all seem to have it.

The title is ours.

NYE progress check - going well tbf. First 5 game winning streak for 2 years and into the top 4. ETH 👏 

Hope Rashford can stay fit all season.

Not the sort of thing Citheh would do. The full squad on an open top bus tour of Stockport with two men and a whippet following along clapping wouldn't be a great look tbh.

As if it needed saying he's an amazing manager, but ETH really showed something last night. After the weekend capitulation in the 2nd half and a distinct wobble for 10-15mins last night after going 1-0 up, United were brilliant second half. Bruno was immense. 

Starting an unchanged XI after that shambles on Sunday was an eyebrow raiser, but it came off. Unbelievable that Joaquin is still going at 41. I remember when Utd were interested in him when he was a youngster. 

Ten Hag won stuff in Holland but spent more than every other team combined. UTD are 3rd in the league despite him spending more than Arsenal and City. 

People are saying he’s a chequebook manager.

I think he either had to start the same XI, the message being I'm not going to throw away the months of good work building a positive culture over one terrible performance, or change the entire XI, the message being that was unacceptable from all of you.


He couldn't just drop some players and not others after that performance without appearing like he had favourites.

Anyone worked out the point of Jadon Sancho yet? Not sure I think Antony is fully up to the job yet, but he's still been twice the buy Sancho has.

Antony is a Europa league legend. Sancho will either come good or he won't. Not every transfer works out and we have Garnacho and Pellistri coming through.

Yes of course we overspend on everyone because of the shambolic people that have been managing transfers for a decade.

Read a stat about Anthony yesterday - on the basis of his chances created per game stats, he is expected to produce 1 assist every 26 games.



Antony gets a pass for now after his Barca goal and that dream of a strike last night. He's massively frustrating still though. Could have finished the tie beyond all doubt if he squared that one he dinked over.

Agree on Pellistri and Garnacho though, those boys are the future. 

True, he's been great apparently. Weird he stunk the place out at Rangers though, I would've thought the SPL would be easy going compared to the Championship.

Can't really ask for a better debut season after the horrorshow opening 2 games. 

3rd place, a cup, and one more on the way. Arsenal bottled it and dirty Leeds went down. If you ignore City using cheat codes you'd probably have to concede we are the moral champions, too.

9/10 for


Agreed, especially with the injuries in defence. Bit of a what might have been season as well after getting into good position in the Europa too. 

Gutting season for the women being pipped for the double by bloody Sam Kerr practically single handedly.

Massive underperformance this season, which will be only partly remedies if City allow them to win the fa cup.

£1/4 bill spent, but nowhere near the proper clubs in the title race. 

‘Won’ the Milk Cup with a load of home ties against compliant fodder.

But more worryingly he’s followed up his support for the pest Overmars by batting his eyelids at Greenwood.

Net result: the prawn sandwich brigade lap it up and the Glolazers make bank.

Oh yeah I forgot the Europa that was the best yet 😂

from 2 up at the Toilet they ship 5 unanswered goals to a mid table Spanish side in increasingly humorous ways. 

A brilliant season for united 

Stadium full and pumping

2 finals 

Beat the Saudis

Lots of positives even amongst all the distractions - poor start, Ronaldo, no money, ownership issues etc .

A 6bn funding gap on the cheats and we still smashed them 

Ultimately if unified can spend even 1bn this summer (leaving them only 5bn behind the cheats), they will win the league next season 

You just get more for your buck with local working class players roared on by passionate authentic fans 

A full back, reserve keeper, 2 X CMs and 2 strikers should do it 

Probably only be 300m. Cheats spent more than that on one player to try and convince them to come but players will flock to united. 

The Europa debacle probably just highlighted how much work still remains, tbh.

Could easily ship & upgrade out 4/5 more 'first-teamers' (Maguire, McFred, Martial, Sancho, Wout, AWB). Split on Sancho though tbh, he's shown a bit in the last few games, but fook me has he underwhelmed in general.

I think DDG might start next season with a real viable challenger for his place too.

A full back, reserve keeper, 2 X CMs and 2 strikers should do it.


Agreed, tbf. But I think the keeper might be signed with a view to being first choice. 

Kimmich is on the market, I'd be all over him as one of the CMs. And a Maddison/Mount type, bit more advanced. 

Oh to have the luxury of being able to buy the worlds most expensive defender, most expensive teenager, a £50 mill full back that can only tackle etc and then when they don’t work out just bin them and buy replacements 😂

No point comparing the cheats spending with united as cheats is nearly 6 billion more 

If united spend well they can come second next season , provided the Saudis don't just spaff 2/3bn like the cheats 

I don't see it happening with Kane. Levy won't sell to a prem club unless it is 100m+ and he isn't worth that at 29/30. Going after him risks the entire window becoming a circus and a farce. If 100m+ is available then Osimhen is 24.

Caicedo would be a decent buy in CM. 

He's just scored 30 goals in a league season for the 7th best team 

He'd do 50 for the cheats and 35/40 for united 

The cheque should be written quickly and bigly - 150m 

Do the deal 

I'd go for Vhlahovic or someone similar for half that price, if Levy is going to play hardball, and complement him with someone rapid like Kudus.

£150m for a 30 year old is jokes, £100m maybe.

Yeah Davos showing his absence if knowledge of football finance here. Sad!

UTD on top of the £1/4 bill spent over summer owe £308 mill (!) in unpaid transfer fee instalments.


United won't sign Kane.

if they can get away with it, reintegrating Greenwood will be the direction they take. Ten Hag being asked about, and willing to comment on, him was not an accident.

Midfielder likely to be the Dutch lad from Bayern if they get Rice. Not sure Ndidi is that much of an improvement on Fred in the system ETH wants to play. They'll probably just sign Sabitzer and Mount though because of the price.

Kane has to stay in England as he will get the shearer record

United need him 

Every sensible club wants him 

United dirt poor - only premiership club to run at an owner deficit. Just good honest hard working class people keeping the club, no keeping football, alive

Quite funny reading a cheats fan talk about United's books (it's instalments lad, just good business because they might not become due and inflation makes them cheaper), when he is entirely ignorant of his 'club' cheating and the unexplained gaps in the accounts

If you offset the amount the glazers have taken out of the club through interest payments and lining their own pockets then utd are in zero debt and would have at least a billion extra to spend this summer. 

Penguin obviously trolling or stupid or both. 

It's both...

I'm not trolling, I'm genuinely asking whether it is fair on other clubs for a club to be a billion in debt whilst leading the net spend table over the past 5 years.

Go and see how the club got into debt. It has nothing to do with buying players babe x

Leveraged buyouts of national treasure sports teams should be banned. 

I think everyone agrees the glazers should not own Manchester United, the last saviour of English, European and possibly world football 

That said, the ability to buy local heroes and top talent is testament to the ferocious support from working class heroes the club has 

Simply fantastic to be part of

the only reason manure are able to be the AWESOME SELF FINANCING FFP COMPLIANT!!!!! famous manchester united while still operating anywhere near the top of the game is that they, and their tacit shareholders Sky, spent the 90s rigging the entire game’s commercial structure in their favour 

I missed Laz doing his very best Kevin Keegan meltdown homage upthread. 

The Toon tried to cheat in the 90s, mysteriously finding cash for Beardsley, Ginola, Asprilla, Shaka Hislop, Gillespie etc but they took their shot and lost to a team of old timers, academy kids and a brilliant frenchman.