Temporary Acting Allowance

I'm doing a mat cover at a higher level. They're offering me a 5% allowance on top of my basic (but it isn't pensionable or bonusable)

Also a £5K completion allowance at the end of the mat cover.

Does it seem reasonable? No idea what the person doing that job is on

Erm, equality law requires you to be on the same as the person who is off on a baby holiday.  Sounds like they are trying to play you.

I'd be inclined to ask what they're currently paying. And never accept the first offer.

Demand the same as the person you're covering.

Do an awesome job.

Get offered the role permanently as you're better than the person on mat leave.

Take the job so that the mat leave person gets sacked.

Quit the next day, and do the Leonardo Dicaprio walk as you exit the building.

Win win.

can you get one of those ultratedious job mapping publications all the big companies use? then see where you are then point to that? 5% does not sound much but then maybe you can use it as a case for a permanently promoted post

Pretty sure Tecco is talking OOHA there.  Isn't it usually an additional amount up to the bottom of the salary band within which the person you are covering is on?     

Lolz 5% sounds like “let’s offer 5% to this mug and he’ll bite our arm off rather than have to pay someone full whack”.

Dont be a dick, you deserve the same as she was getting before she decided to change loyalties and prioritise being a woman over the firm.  Use that line if you need to, I’m sure it’ll go down well.

Tec - you're assuming the person's gender there. Not cool.

May leave tends to be women tbf brah.  Pat leave for lads innit.

I think he means you've assumed the gender of Wellers.  And come to think of it, I have my doubts too.


I don't think there is an equal pay issue, shes been doing the job for 6 years so it would make sense for her to be paid more.

However, the fact they're pushing the "its a great development opportunity" line means they're probably screwing me on the increase.

Sounds to me like u should be more worried about securing a guaranteed role at the end of your secondment.

they've guaranteed my old job back as a minimum (which is also probably a reality tbh)

Wellers, contact me on the other place for more info.

I’m with those that say this should defo be calculated by reference to the range your boss is in rather than yours. Fair enough you don’t get what she was on but you should be getting something like what a newly promoted [welly’s boss] earns in the marketplace. 

just to confirm that it is transphobic to assume that someone on maternity leave is a woman

Also what Wang said. Are they proposing to backfill your role (fnar) on a temp basis too?

if not, something ain’t right for someone. 

No idea as the only time I've done mat cover I've come in as a temp and just negotiated a package for a fixed term contract.  Last time I was covering three people so perhaps I should have been paid their combined salaries...

the only time I've done it, i got 10% (& they didn't put it back down at the end). It would have been ludicrous to put me on the same as someone who had nearly 20 yrs more exp than me, and I knew damn well it was a fantastic opportunity in terms of meeting people internally and calling card externally. Are you already well paid for what you're doing?
And that bonus £5k at the end - fgs don't make it payable 3 months following satisfactory bla bla bla - get it on the day the acting up role ends.