Telephone voice recognition software why is still so dreadful 20 years or so after its invention

please say your surname, postcode, mothers maiden name, street address, sort code, etc, etc. It just doesn't work and is so frustrating, this must be one area of tech where there has been no advancement at all. After 8 or so attempts you get put through to a human. Grrr

Works fine for me


Have you considered that you talk weirdly?

Odd.  I can use it to check on all sorts of things from council tax to bank balances and don’t think I’ve had any problems at all in the last few years.

One bank has a system that appears to ask for the borrower's full name and then asks for their surname.  I can only assume that they are initially asking for forename but that their automated system can't speak properly.

Ive always imagined that the OP talks like Janet Street Porter c.1973 tbh