Telegraph travel dilemma

if you are travelling by yourself and have a really good seat that you like, would you swap it to a really shitty seat in order to let a family sit together?


PS, this is why I need a billionaire with a G6.

I would and have done so.  I’ve also left tables in pubs so that people can sit together if I’m alone.  It’s the civilised thing to do.

God, being single is shit. 

As a single older lady, you are literally the most dispensible human being when it comes to anything as families, couples take priority.

I feel a bit Clerghers / Logan's Run about it.

That is the Telegraph's ethical dilemma, Dux. What would you do

I thought you were loaded.

I would not swap, no. Economy is bad enough anytime without the need to make it worse.

But surely by not swapping you will have at least 2 of the family by you, and they will be constantly hopping up and down to each other / leaning over you 

I have swapped in such circs as an act of self preservation 

If the family member actually needs someone to be close by to take care of them, then yes. If it's nothing more than a general notion of "family ought to sit together" then I would be much more torn.

I'd probably want to find out if they voted for Trump first.

Family maybe, depending on the age of the kids (younger = better chance) but otherwise no.

I've had this a few times...

"Would you mind swapping seats with my girlfriend / boyfriend so we can sit together?" *and does doe eyes at me for sympathy vote*

My response (whilst effecting dead cold eyes) 

"No, but I tell you what, get the person sat next to your girlfriend / boyfriend back in steerage to swap with you then you can sit together, that'll work because I'm sure they'd prefer to sit in these seats" 

You can choose your seat on any long haul airline. It's their own faults for not being together.

If you have got your shit together and booked a decent seat, why should you give it up because they couldn't be bothered to?

I saw a similar scenario once when someone would not move from the only seat on the plane where a baby's bassinet could be put up. They soon fvked off when the parents strapped their screaming one year old into the bassinet straight in front of them and walked back towards their seats

What Supes said, unless the airline make it worth my while, otherwise then jog on

I'd swap to an average seat but not a really shitty one. 

Unless it's like they need it for a parent to be with a baby or a toddler, in which case fair enough they're going to have a much shitter flight than me anyway. 

Heh.   That's genius.  I once had to convince a Japanese gentleman on a flight to move so that I could sit next to (then three years old) Badgirl.  He seemed quite reluctant to do a straight swap, even though he was moving from a middle seat to an aisle seat.  I think that's more about Japanese culture and their worrying regard for The Rules than an attempt to be difficult though.  

'Unless it's like they need it for a parent to be with a baby or a toddler'


Fvck right off, if they needed that they should have pre booked thier seats



it would depend on a range of factors including things like their politeness, entitlement, potential to be annoying, how much of an obstinate khunt I might be feeling, window or aisle seat.   

Srsly all you "fuck the breeders" are just going to end up sitting next to a screaming baby / toddler and one parent whilst other parent constantly gets on your tits fussing and trying to assist. 

You are cutting off your own nose to spite your face in this scenario 

Sometimes when on the train, I'll leave my pre-booked table seat next to a window, just to move down to the quiet carriage and get away from the vacuous conversation of some vacuous twat who loves the sound of their own voice just a little too much.  Peace of mind (and peace and quiet) can be much more important than keeping your allocated seat.

Yeah, Hoolie, I would much rather move to another seat rather than be sat in the middle of domestic hell (with toddlers wailing and parents constantly moving) just to be a khunt.  Life's too short to suffer like that.

Do you make sure to kick anyone out of your allocated seat after each stop too though Badman, just in case you want it back later on?

No, because I'm not a complete cunt.  Just a fairly dead-set one.

Person with the bassinet is a muppet as you can choose your seat for free when you book. I expect they wanted someone they were with to sit next to them (not guaranteed) so thought they would just play the emotional card on the plane.

Generally young children not allowed in exit seats, so unlikely you would be giving up a best good seat to assist with this. 

Also children under a certain age must be with an adult, so it will never be a case of the child otherwise not having a parent with them. 

The trouble is that airlines now add circa £80 per person to your bill, so for a family of 3 to sit together that's the best part of £250. They let everyone else book seats, then only try and sit you together before they start allocating the rest. 

I wouldn't swap unless it was to get away from my family. 

What MF said. If it was an extra leg room seat then no fvcking chance. 

“Person with the bassinet is a muppet as you can choose your seat for free when you book.”

not on BA (without status)

Really depends who's asking and why.  

My pet peeve is when you book an aisle seat then end up sandwiched between a group who've taken the rest of the row apart from your seat.  In that scenario I'll gladly swap with one of them in a window seat or move to another row so I'm not stuck in the middle of the conversation.

What do you when you're say hungover flying on new year's day and you end up next to someone who's determined to talk to you throughout an 8 hour flight even when you're apparently asleep?

Tell them to STFU, of course.  I've actually started politely asking people to lower their voices on trains because I don't want to hear their conversations.  I've realised that the passive-aggressive self-righteous rage thing on transport really isn't healthy.

Heh. On a flight from Atlanta back to the UK I had a chap travelling on biz offer his first class seat in return for my biz class one so he could sit next to his wife who wasnt travelling on biz and had the mere biz class seat next to mine. Which was nice.

What do you when you're say hungover flying on new year's day and you end up next to someone who's determined to talk to you throughout an 8 hour flight even when you're apparently asleep?


Have you tried,

"Ooh, I'm glad you're friendly, I've just spent the holidays making lampshades out of human skin, I can't to anyone at the hospital about it when I get back because they shout, but I can tell you! I have some samples in my case I can show you but mustn't tell anyone what they are - will you?"

I had this on the leg of a flight to NZ decades ago.  This was before you booked seats online.  The Mum (annoying American woman) was in the middle of the middle row and wanted me to swap my window seat in the fire row with her so she could sit with her husband and 3 children.

Bearing in mind it was 11 hours, I refused when the hostess asked me, she should have got to the airport earlier.  I just said I travelled badly in a middle seat.  Eventually someone behind me swapped and she thanked them like they had given her a kidney, but fvck her.  I had my nice airline (and one G&T) induced 8 hour sleep, head cradling the window... I wouldn't have got that in middle seat hell.

Judy if u had a billionaire with private jet your journey would also have to include giving him a blozza and changing his adult diaper , preferably not in that order

No, I wouldn't. Why should lone travellers be discriminated against? One shouldn't give up a seat that one has booked and paid for. One should also hope that the kids, especially if they're a bit chavvy, do not sit next to oneself. Anyway, I don't take chartered flights so am less likely to encounter those types, and if going to France, get the Eurostar, on which I haven't encountered chavvy families.


They can fvck right off.

Whenever I am forced to fly economy  I always book and pay extra $$ for an allocated exit row extra leg room seat. I plan ahead, pay extra and choose my flights on the basis of the availability of these seats.  I deliberately do not choose the bulkhead seats in this situation so as to avoid being near the bassinets and children.

I paid for it.. and its mine.