Teenage skin

As a grown up. Ugh. Pretty sure my new conditioner is to blame as my forehead has not been happy since I started using it.

Anyone got any recommendations for some magic potion that makes them disappear? I assume things have moved on in recent decades...

When fishing I was always having heavy weights on my shoulder, rubbing for hours and making it sweat so I got spots there regularly.  Someone recommended tea tree soap and so I started using it.  Definitely made a difference. 

Holland and Barrett I think.

I remember I tried a shaving cream with lanolin in it once and my skin broke out like it hadn't in decades.

I still have a small tube of Oxy10 I bought 10 years ago that I still have occasion to use. The benzoyl peroxide in it has always been pretty dependable for me, unlike salicylic acid in some other products.

What is the conditioner? I'd recommend switching it to one without sulphates or sodium laurel sulphite (sp?) in. Try one of the Lush ones or something. American Cream is particularly nice...

Re the spots - no idea, sorry!!

That well known nappy rash cream Sudocrem does the trick with my teenage skin problems.

My skin is as bad as a teenager right now


i kept hoping I could just blame it on hormones but it had been going on too long


i am blaming it on stress now 

Zap them with a session of fractional laser. 


Bonus  it also reduces scarring, skin pigmentation and wrinkles.