Team Rooney (C) or Team Vardy (R)?

Rof decides

Team zero-fucks given about these mouth breathers. 

But I've met Mrs Rooney and she actually seemed quite nice.

R as she's marginally prettier although neither of them is spectacular.

Team zero-fucks given about these mouth breathers.

hehehe! #metoo

oh well if they're calling out banners I'm with Nicola McLean who seems to be backing Vardy so let's game of thrones the fuck out of this one!


there is daniella lloyd also barging in.


she has great norks. I will support hers. 

Team, don’t fucking care in the slightest.  Their joint claims to fame are that they are stupid enough to marry professional footballers,  brilliant.


In terms of Wags, they are basically a couple of fugly munters.

I think CR is quite pretty. RV looks like she'd win a fight against Wayne never mind Coleen.

I assume that, but for their marriages to football players, these two would be slanging it out across the estate landings or down the flat roofed pub bingo hall. Instead this counts as news. Wow. Just wow. 

Am not sure its cool to launch such an attack against such a heavily pregnant woman, Colleen of all people should know how merciless the press can be.

Though Vardy does seem like a fame hungry wag sort whereas Colleen kind of stay at home or on holiday nice person/

My m8s dad used to do the Vardys garden and always said she was very nice and that Jamie was a prize prick but I think he was easily bought as she gave him one Jamies Leicester city big coats.

Rebekah deserves a heh for this mornings "like arguing with a pigeon" diss


How shit do you have to be to argue with a pigeon and lose?