Taylor Swift back on the market

Reportedly split with Joe.

So sad.

in other, totally unconnected news, I might not be posting for the next couple of weeks as I’m off to America. 

1. I have the opposite opinion of La Swift from the market standard middle aged bloke fake take on her (a la Serge). Received wisdom is that her music is great, while she herself is to be received as sexless, something almost above having the horn for, For the record, I think she’s pretty hot - WB fo sho - but her music is generally shite.

2. In which note, Anti Hero seems (ludicrous “fat shaming” nothingburger aside) to have been received with a level of rapture properly reserved for, well, the Rapture. To me, it sounds absolutely phoned in. Bet she’s bovvered,

‘Received wisdom is that her music is great, while she herself is to be received as sexless, something almost above having the horn for’

this is actually my view. 
i will not go and see her live as I would not want to share what is (for me) a very personal listening experience with thousands of other people.

If you don’t like anti hero, try ‘you’re on your own kid’. 

Practising Certificate (PC) I think she is quite conservative with a small c and hails from a professional background. Joe was a good choice imo and she is rebounding. If you think it can’t happen, look at Amal. Do you play an instrument? 

 She would go for u imo. Particularly when you tell her about mid war hammer battle left behind. Her mouth will drop  open and in a good way. 

I quite like the peripheral eighties stylings of anti hero. But while peripheral eighties stylings used to be a rare treat, everything has a bit of gen1 digital synth buzz these days.

She presents herself almost as a cipher, as a vessel for her fans. And then not. The classic popster trick. Mirror sometimes then lead. I don’t see how anyone grown up can get anything from her on an aesthetic level. She’s half formed. But some days I’m still transfixed by Stevie Nicks’ Welsh witch schtick, so, go figure. 

Don’t find her particularly attractive as she’s pretty but has no sex appeal.  However, her music does make me chuckle and we are never ever getting back together is one way to diss Harry Styles.

The guys who pretend not to fancy her but appreciate her music are way creepier than those who, for obvious reasons, wood bang. She’s an extremely attractive mature woman, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to fvck her. Her music, on the other hand, is aimed at 13yo girls. Pretending to be really into it makes you the fat naked internet guy chatting up the underage girl in the meme.